Pakatan Rakyat Insulted Lee Chong Wei

Silver at hand, Gold at heart.

After reading a tweet posted by ADUN DAP and an article in Suara PR regarding Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s loss, it is obvious that Pakatan Rakyat likes to break up the society. And as we all know, all PAS, DAP and even PKR holds to the strategy of divide and rule so that they could reach their objective.

PAS is famous with breaking up Muslims through Amanat Hadi which triggered two imam prayers and the Memali and Sauk tragedy. DAP in the other hand is famous with their racism with hating Malays and that they would fight their hardest in school stages where they want to build up this wall between Chinese and other races. While PKR is famous with their strategy of causing chaos between rakyat, authorities, the law and the legal system.

All these three parties had proven that they do not have patriotism. Wherever they are, they would often mock this country, sabotage their own country’s economy and cause trouble for the country’s stability. They even mocked the 1Malaysia spirit which describes patriotism.

That is why we are not surprised when ADUN DAP, Manoharan Malayalam insulted Lee Chong Wei for losing the Olympic badminton final recently. Things get worse as Manoharan did not just insult Chong Wei’s loss, he even mocked his appearance by saying that Lin Dan from China had better outfit which is a lot more modern.

Suara Pakatan Rakyat website in a way linked UMNO with Ching Wei’s loss. According to the website, UMNO should be embarrassed that they could not bring Malays to be good in any sports in the world that all the big stars from this country are among other races.

The article then described Chong Wei as an old horse?!

It seems that Pakatan Rakyat realize that sports could unite rakyat, something that is against their strategy.

So, PR’s agenda in insulting Chong Wei us to ensure that Malay, Chinese and Indians would not be united.

PR leaders had seen how sports have managed to unite rakyat, for example during the Commonwealth Games in 1998 which was hosted in Kuala Lumpur, as Anwar Ibrahim’s reform rioters were busy in the city, all of rakyat’s attention goes to the sport and not Anwar Ibrahim. Few of the cheers in the stadium which echoed even mentioned �hidup Mahathir!’ (long live Mahathir) who was then the Prime Minister, showing how rakyat unite under the rule of Barisan Nasional, that it managed to bring down Anwar’s hope up until today.

Sport was also a strategy which was used by Nelson Mandela when he wanted to unite his people that they ended up forgetting about racial issue, in total.

Based on these facts, this is why PR works hard to ensure that rakyat would not unite even in sport. That is how PR really is. They would sacrifice rakyat and the country just so that they could have all the power.