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pakatan-rakyatPARTIES in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) are in a disarray, in fact they are now locked in bitter ‘battle’ for seats with each of them thinking they can win…in short safe seats.

Where they got their information that those seats are 100 percent theirs is immaterial but the fact is they are fighting among themselves for those seats and the ‘battle’ is only between DAP and PKR.

PAS has got no problem because DAP and PKR are not interested in seats where Malays are the majority voters and the party has always on a one-to-one contest with Umno.

DAP has always been on a one-to-one contest with MCA while PKR, being the ‘new boy on the block’ is currently ‘searching for its base’ which it has yet to identify as the party stands for no philosophy or concepts.

It struggles for only Anwar Ibrahim to be the Prime Minister, which PAS does not acknowledge nor recognized because PAS is set to have party president Abdul Hadi Awang as Prime Minister.

Putting aside the PM post that will be a long drawn battle if…that is if…the pact wins, the immediate ‘bitterness’ between PKR and DAP members regarding seats allocation is already a ‘big problem’.

DAP seems to have an upper hand in the seats allocation that makes PKR members ‘pissed off’ and the obvious will be these dissatisfied and disgruntled members will not vote for either DAP or PKR.

Given the situation, PKR is of course at the losing end while DAP still has support from the Chinese who love the party’s chauvinistic approach and style.

PKR has no philosophy and stand as its only struggle is to get Anwar as Prime Minister.

And Anwar, being the man he is, is obsessed with this objective to the extent that he will do anything, besides selling his soul, he even is willing to sell his race and religion.

That is why even right now, he even does not mind being make use as a stooge by DAP as long as he gets what he wants.

But DAP is not without trouble as the Malays are now distancing themselves following the recent issues that involved the use of word Allah and low-cost housing for lower middle-income group in Penang.

However, DAP is still influential among the Chinese as the party does not deviate from its struggle in championing the Chinese cause.

Thus, the party is able to call the shot by ‘trampling’ on PKR as the latter is not strong enough to stand up and fight, in addition to PKR’s chief Anwar who needs the DAP for him to be the PM.

Thus, the scenario is a turbulence for parties in the opposition pact as their members fight to get the seat they want and the leaders continue to play politics to convince voters that they are united.



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