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BERITAENGLISHPAS Allow Muslim To Go Murtad

PAS Allow Muslim To Go Murtad


Anwar’s plural agenda and his liberal understanding is no longer a secret. Even though he seems to deny about it, but every single one of his speeches, statements and actions only reflects his stand on this matter.

Anwar love freedom in lifestyle which seems to go along well with liberalization, as well as the Zionists. To confuse rakyat, making it seems that their fight is true and sacred, these liberalists then refer to their agenda as defending ‘human rights’.

To fulfil their objective to live free and open, they work hard to ensure that mankind would accept that the ‘wrong is right’ and the ‘right is wrong’. Few of them include the practice of homosexual, lesbian and transsexual. The same thing goes to free sex.

All of these bad practices have been proven to be negative lifestyle as it inflicts negative effects towards family structure as well as the society, but these groups would fight to ensure that it would be the right thing to do, or natural, for mankind, so that those group would not be judged by anyone.

To ensure that they manage to force everyone to accept the idea, so they should shake religious belief around the world especially Islam.

Even though every religion sees such practices as something that is bad, only Islam really fight against it.

Thus, it has been proven that Islamic belief is far more stronger to be compared to other religion, making it as the biggest enemy among liberalists. That is why Islam has always been their main target.

And for that, agents, puppets, media NGOs or any other organizations are used to promote this idea. Anwar, as one of them, is appointed as their ‘slave’ and will be named as future puppet leader for Malaysia.

This means that Anwar will be responsible in making sure that their agenda will be imposed in Malaysia and perhaps the region as well.

Anwar’s liberal understanding is then followed by Nurul Izzah, his daughter, which is no longer a secret. This explains why PKR leaders has always been supporting murtad fighters such as Ambiga Sreevenasen in IFC issue as well as trying to cover up the issue of murtad in Selangor.

The group and leaders which fight for LGBT around the world even openly support Anwar in his sodomy case. Such support is consistent with Anwar’s statement which mentioned that the current homosexual law is stale.

Based on this fact, we do not have to be surprised with Nurul Izzah’s statement which says that it is irrelevant to stop Muslims who chooses to convert to other religion. This open statement was then criticized by a few including PAS activists.

But, statement given by PAS is not enough to deny Nurul Izzah’s thought on the matter.

As a party which uses Islam as part of its name, and Ulama as their leadership symbol, their objection towards Nurul Izzah’s statement seemed to be political and that it would not bring any effect.

This is because, Nurul Izzah is not the leader of any NGOs which has anything to do with PAS. But she is not just any other woman who’s statement would not provide a great impact to anyone.

But, Nurul Izzah is a leader in PAS’s alliance. What’s more is that she is the daughter to the future Prime Minister which was agreed by PAS.

This means, Nurul Izzah’s statement does not just have its own influence, it is also part of her father’s statement, PR’s future Prime Minister if they are to rule this country. So, certainly, the statement would be implemented as PR rule.

This is a sure thing, with great support for DAP, a party which is really fighting to establish a secular country, no one need any explanation on how well Anwar’s liberal understanding ans DAP’s Secular country agenda goes along.

Thus, if PAS still want to ‘criticize’ Nurul Izzah’s statement, but do nothing about it to defend Islam, then it is not wrong for us to say that PAS is also fighting alongside Zionists to weaken Islamic belief in Malaysia as well as spreading pluralism.

The fact is, PAS only has two choices, whether they still be friends with these bad goons or they should leave the coalition. No other way.

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