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The recently concluded PAS general assembly reflects a return of fundamentalists which the liberals in the party tried to uproot…aimed at allowing PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim to control from outside.

The assembly revealed that PAS is still controlled by the fundamentalists despite the attempts by the majority liberals in the supreme council line-up to shove out the old veterans.

The debate by the delegates were tame unlike the youth wing which saw the hard hitting stand the movement took and the blatant display of doubts on the leadership’s goal for the party.

It is no secret now that whatever the leadership does, the movement watches closely as the wing is doubtful on the capability of the leadership as well as the ‘friendliness’ with the other parties – DAP and PKR.

The fact that the youth wing hit out at party organ Harakah, the proposal for party president Abdul Hadi Awang to be Prime Minister and to pursue the party’s objective for the setting up of an Islamic state, spoke the true situation in the party.

The liberals even failed to steer the party to ‘liberalise’ certain policies to be in sync with Anwar’s goal and in particular to endorse Anwar as the Prime Minister if PR wins the coming general election.

When the party proposed and endorsed Hadi to be Prime Minister, the unregistered alliance which had forged a ‘marriage of convenience’ is suddenly faced with a very big problem.

Anwar who has been aiming for the post and supported by DAP is now facing the biggest obstacle in his political life – a challenge to his ambition to be the Prime Minister.

Political obstacles such as BN and all the videos of his purported sex life aside, facing a ‘no confidence’ view from PAS assembly is considered as a ‘big slap’ on his face.

His plan that saw his ‘people’ taking over majority of the leadership line up in PAS in 2009 during the party election ha\d failed to steer the party to endorse him to be the PM.

Worse still, his ‘people’ failed to steer the assembly to proposed for the sacking of former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa who has been a ‘pain in the neck’ as far as Anwar is concerned.

This new revelation has put Anwar in a delicate position as well as the relationship between PAS and the other two parties.

In short, PR has now to review the relationship between the three parties and the decision, if they ever can compromise, has to be agreed by the grassroots in PAS.

Otherwise, Anwar can kiss goodbye to his ambition and PR can fold their goals for the general election after the 13th general election, that if they still exist.



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