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POLITIKPAS Is Determind To Dominate DAP

PAS Is Determind To Dominate DAP

PAS’s 58th Muktamar can be considered as a success in injecting new spirit to the party in facing the coming GE13. Sadly, the strength which is focused to destroy UMNO had derailed due to their prayer which was full of hate and vengeance towards their Muslim brothers, which is not taught in Islamic teachings.

The prayer was performed to raise the spirit among PAS’s top leadership, at the same time it would cause fear among undecided voters when they see how ambitious PAS leaders are.

Other than prayers which will hit themselves, PAS;s strength also raised an uneasy feeling among their allied parties where they all want to be leaders and they would not settle to become number two and three. That is why, PAS’s strength which the party showed during the recent Muktamar is actually a treat for DAP. PAS is determined to have a Prime Minister from their party and they would ensure that their party would dominate the coalition.

Perhaps until now, DAP is yet to feel threatened because they are convinced that PAS do not have enough seats to enable them to control Pakatan Rakyat. DAP is convinced that Hadi Awang will die a sad man because he will never become the Prime Minister.

Besides, what is the difference between Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz? Every one of them can be used by DAP.

But, DAP failed to consider the ignorance between PAS supporters. PAS supporters are obsessed, and they would accept just about anything which is set by their leaders. Due to their obsession, PAS could provide a lot of manpower to organize rallies. PAS members can be easily influenced to trigger chaos. Their obsession makes them angry all the time and they always have the drive to cause destruction. It is more dangerous when all of these terrorism is called as jihad. Thus, they would not feel guilty at all in committing their crime. Instead, it would just be a huge inspiration for them because they believe that they are doing it in the name of Allah SWT.

Thus, even though DAP could still control PAS leaders, but are they confident that they could stand the pressure given by PAS supporters who want to see their leaders to be on top of the food chain?

Do remember that ignorance, added with obsession and the spirit of jihad had brought Memali and Sauk tragedy. And the same spirit, can be seen during PAS’s 58th Muktamar.

PAS seems determined to not let their party get stepped on by DAP nor PKR. PAS even dared to put aside Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister, breaking the agreement made with DAP and PKR.

Perhaps taking Hadi Awang as PM is just PR’s political gimmick to provide confidence towards Malay supporters on PAS, but, it seems that PAS had offered even more to their supporters.

PAS supporters now really believe that their leaders would fulfil their promise to them.

It seems that Anwar and DAP would need to be even more careful in judging how stupid PAS is.

We might be able to read what smart people would do, but we can never really expect what stupid people would do. They do not think much and they never really plan their actions. They usually act based on their emotions and the matter of facts and figures never really matter to them.

PAS supporters are determined that only Hadi Awang deserve to be the next Prime Minister and PR can only rule if PAS leads the coalition. They would ensure that PAS would gain the most seats no matter what happen.

Based on this, DAP and PKR might need to reconsider where do their leaders and parties stand in terms of working with PAS in facing the coming election.

It is clear, the strategy of win first, think later is too dangerous for them to go on with.

Perhaps it is time for PR to reconsider their coalition?



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