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POLITIKPAS Is Not An Islamic Party: They Are Obsessed

PAS Is Not An Islamic Party: They Are Obsessed

It has become a routine for PAS’s leaders and supporters to clash between one another, they would often put politics in front of everything and they would never accept one anothers’ opinions.

Their arrogance had led to each of them often try to find their own excuses to show that they are never wrong, while everything which was accomplished by UMNO is always wrong.

To them, PAS is the only organization which fights for Islam and UMNO is kafir where they go against PAS.

As UMNO comes up with Islamic development programs such as the developing Islamic banking, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), Tabung Haji, building mosques and surau, PAS would be the forst to mock all of those efforts.

During the early establishments of Tabung Haji, Bank Islam and UIA, PAS mocked and said that BN was trying to gain support from rakyat which had shifted to PAS.

Not just that, PAS also mentioned that those who used the service from Tabung Haji to perform their haj, it would not mean anything and need to be done again.

When the fact is, since it was officially running in 1963, it is one of the biggest help for Muslims so that they would reach Mecca.

If it is true that Tabung Haji is haram, why should PAS supporters go there to find work? Perhaps those mockery that gave to UMNO were just jealousy.

As for Bank Islam, PAS mentioned that those were UMNO’s new political weapons to weaken the support for PAS. But as PAS takes over Kelantan in 1990, how could the CM decide to keep the state money to Bank Islam. Nik Aziz even dared mention that Kelantan is the only state that keeps and operates with Bank Islam.

UIA in the other hand, after a while, it becomes the university which produces graduates from pro-PAS youth who are now even few of the leaders and supporters.

All of these showed that PAS is an Islamic party that uses the name of Islam for their own interest instead of working for people.

Their extreme movement had proven to be useless for both rakyat and the country.






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