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POLITIKPAS Joined The Prayer Of The Devil

PAS Joined The Prayer Of The Devil

As UMNO strongly criticize the attack made by Israel upon thousands of Palestinians, out brothers in PAS criticizes UMNO’s cruelty against Islam and Muslims in Malaysia. As UMNO continue their fight for Islam, race and the country, PAS only prays for Putrajaya.

As UMNO think of PAS as their Muslim brothers, PAS kept on setting their mind that UMNO is murtad and kafir. PAS’s excuse is that UMNO rejects Islam because they reject hudud.

When the fact is, according to Al-Quran, someone is a Muslim if he/she holds on to the Pillars of Faith which are: (1) Belief in God, (2) Belief in the Angels, (3) Belief in God’s Revealed Books, (4) Belief in the Prophets and Messengers of God, (5) Belief in the Day of Judgment, (6) Belief in Al-Qadar.

Based on the teachings, it is clear that UMNO is Islam and not implementing hudud does not make UMNO kafir because it is not part of the six pillars of faith which sets one as a Muslim. In fact, UMNO has repeatedly stated that the party does not reject hudud but they cannot implement it due to the social structure and the current situation in this country.

Despite that, during their 58th Muktamar, PAS has once again denied this fact and they kept on spreading hate and prayed for the destruction of their Muslim brothers in UMNO with the excuse that UMNO is not Islam because the party rejects hudud.

No one knows why somehow PAS failed to see that spreading hate among Muslims, having ego among Ulama and sentencing men by using the religion’s law is the work of satan, which goes against the Quran.

Like what we have known, the prayers to destroy UMNO is not a new thing for PAS. PAs has even prayed more than that by praying that the certain individual would suffer etc. This prayer to destroy UMNO is done each year with solat hajat which are attended by thousands of PAS members.

We are also not surprised that each year, our brothers become jahil by following the prayers of satan. And each year we are grateful that their prayers remain unanswered.

It is hard for us to understand why PAS somehow got confused on the pillars of Islam where hudud is not part of it.

Anas relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” (Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Muslim)

Actually, having the jihad to go against their brothers has been part of PAS’s ‘religios belief’ for decades. It began from Hadi Awang who decided that UMNO is kafir. And now, Nik Aziz has improved the belief by by making UMNO murtad.

I stated ‘PAS’s religious belief’ because the teachings brought by PAS proves that PAS would do just about anything to get to Putrajaya. Election is everything to PAS where one of the requirements in PAS’s ‘religios prayers’ would include making sure that the party would win the election.

So, if the pillars of faith for ‘PAS’s religion’ is listed, then winning election should be listed as their first and hudud as second. Islam’s pillars of faith is not important as long as their first and two pillars of faith is yet to become reality.

Perhaps this is because in ‘PAS’s religion’, all members are promised heaven, maybe that is why they do not have to perform good deeds to others anymore.

Thus, with heaven in their hand, what else should they fight about other than power, election and Putrajaya, right?

I was told that some PAS members were slightly scared over the prayer, but as expected, they cannot fight over their dream of winning the coming election.

That is why, I cannot explain any further upon this issue, other than prayer for us all, so that we would be in the right path, no matter if we are from UMNO, PAS, in Palestine or wherever we are. As long as everyone still holds on to the pillars of Islam, I take these people as one which I love and not hate.

Lets pray that we would be safe and not fall for the devil.



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