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POLITIKPAS Kedah Will Come To A Fall

PAS Kedah Will Come To A Fall

Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak

As Muslims are busy making preparations for the coming Hari Raya, Pakatan Rakyat is busy preparing themselves for the coming election.

This is because not just that they still could not finalize their seats and candidates, they are also still fighting over the administration if they win. The matter of hudud is still yet to find its end as PAS is still following everything DAP tells then just so that DAP would stick with them. If this matter do not come to a decision prior to the 13th General Election, how can they expect rakyat to give power to them?

We are still yet to talk about internal issues within parties and states which they rule. If we are to look at things, few of the states which might come back to the hands of Barisan Nasional would be Kedah.

Kedah’s Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak has always been a spotlight for the media, but not because of issues, but because of his personality which is often short tempered and his ignorance in everything. And because of that, he had been collecting more and more enemies since he began to lead the state.

Things get worse when he opened such a huge space for his opponents to shoot him from various angles. This is because he is known as a CM who does not know anything and he would not want to care. If questioned, he would go berserk. By the end, nothing is solved and not even a single project was accomplished since he started his term.

For being too arrogant, Azizan is used by his enemies who would pretend to be his friends. It is very easy for them to sabotage Azizan because he would trust anyone who he wants to trust and those who are smart enough to get him to trust them would definitely get the most benefit. In short, he can easily get cheated.

The most dangerous enemy for Azizan is not even UMNO, but his own party, PAS. In most matters, even PAS decides to give cold shoulders to Azizan just because they are influenced by his own enemies.

If rakyat of Kedah wanted to ‘teach’ UMNO by giving the power to PAS, now they realized that PAS is a lot worse than UMNO where even though they use the Islam label, they are still cunning and evil. Even though UMNO was described as corrupt and a lot of whole other things, the party has never victimize rakyat.

But under PAS, Kedah had to suffer high water tariff value and they had to live with having to smelling garbage along the city of Alor Setar everyday. Roads are not maintained other than the road which is in front of the CM’s house.

After 4 years, it is obvious that PAS Kedah do not care about any of concerns raised by rakyat including the madrasah intervention, Malay reserve land which would soon be turned to Chinese cemetery, flood issues, river pollution due to extreme logging and the issue of KUIN which is left unsolved.

Things get sadder for PAS Kedah as they do not have anyone that is good enough to replace Azizan. Everyone knows that even if there is, they would just be jokes because of their stupidity, few of them include Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar who only know how to scream and make ridiculous statements.

A few ‘professionals’ in PAS Kedah in the other hand are cunning where they would use Azizan to get the state’s money for their own gain.

With entertainment centres blooming, PAS has lost its credibility as an Islamic party which became the reason why people of Kedah voted for them.

Thus, PAS’s internal source is giving this small sign which PAS has already ‘accepted’ their loss in Kedah and they would focus on other states for the coming GE.

Now, the only question here is whether UMNO is ready to bring PAS to the ground in Kedah? PAS Kedah is already down on the ground, it is up to UMNO to end all of rakyat’s sufferings.






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