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POLITIKPILIHAN RAYAPAS Kedah Won't Make Promises Anymore #SaveKedah #TolakPR

PAS Kedah Won’t Make Promises Anymore #SaveKedah #TolakPR

poster-thumb-pakatan-will-lose-kedahIt seems like Kedah Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak has made a politically incorrect statement as he criticize his own ally especially as election comes closer.

Azizan made the statement during an exclusive interview with The Malaysian Insider and said that PKR Selangor has made a mistake for making too much promises which they cannot afford to pay. He even stated that the mistake happened due to lack of experience and described those demand the state government to pay for their home as ‘crazy’.

All the sudden, he refers to the ones demanding for the promise to be kept as ‘crazy, the one that is crazy would be the party which gives tons of crazy promises.

People say, judge someone, look at their peers, and PAS Kedah is friends to PKR Selangor. So, if PKR Selangor is crazy, then PAS Kedah should be crazy as well, for being friends with PKR Selangor.

The proof, according to Azizan, the slogan ‘Kedah Sejahtera’ (Prosperous Kedah) brings the meaning that the state government only guarantee the safety and well-being instead of letting people depend on the government. In other words, as long as there is no bribery, anyone can be the government even if they cannot generate income for the state.

Azizan’s argument is halfway correct, people need to find their own income, but Azizan as leader, the government needs to provide job opportunities, stable and competitive developing atmosphere which enables people generate their income. Azizan cannot expect rakyat to build their own factory to work as regular employees. Obviously he needs to look out for investors.

Perhaps many rakyat of Kedah fail to realize that the developments on shops and houses in Kedah are mostly the continuity from BN projects. Since PAS took over, not even a single project went smoothly. They could not even build any mosques, instead, they just lied and took credit over BN’s effort.

Kedah, under the leadership of PAS is really asking rakyat to look for their own money as the state government fail to generate income for the state, because they finish most of it on irrelevant unfinished projects, as well as their chronic practice of cronyism and nepotism in awarding projects and jobs.

We know that Azizan is the child of a farmer and he is proud of it. We have to compliment him for that. However, Azizan should not let rakyat keep on farming to generate their income when rakyat in other states are given challenging jobs in other sectors, which also comes with bigger salary.

Does Azizan want children of Kedah to take farming courses alone? What about those who are smart in science and mathematics? What about the ones who want to be engineer, scientists etc.?

We do know that Azizan’s thoughts are shallow and the concern only goes to farmers and villagers. The farthest he could imagine is a farmer taking a job as lawyer. Azizan is still stuck in the past when the world has evolved.

As long as Kedah is under such conservative leader, until then rakyat of Kedah would not go anywhere.

So, this time around, Azizan refuse to make anymore promises to people of Kedah. No more promises of Islamic State or Welfare State will be heard in Kedah in the coming GE13. No more well-being nor development promises or even job opportunities, or anything, really.

Azizan is convinced that he could win the GE without making any promises, something that is against the stand of his party.

Thus, people of Kedah should think, they cannot even keep their previous promises, now this? Obviously Azizan can afford relax now considering that he does not have to do anything and rakyat can never say anything about it because he never made any promise. So, he can just do nothing at his throne which rakyat work hard to find their own income.

Azizan’s stand raises question about the inconsistency of PR’s principle in making the sweetest promises to rakyat.

If PR has made its central promise, so Azizan should follow it as well, he should ensure that all the promises will be kept in his state. If Azizan refuse to be involved in PR’s promises, he should establish his own party and contest on Independent ticket. All these while, Azizan do take opposite approach against PAS Central did he?



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