PAS Members Are Dogs – Khalid Samad

PAS can no longer hide its internal issues which is getting chronic day by day.

The problem which the party faces is no longer small problems such as conflicts of clash in opinions between leaders, but it is more serious because it involves principals and stand which drives the party.

The problem with PAS began when the party collaborated with DAP and it gets worse when the Anwarinas group began to overpower the party. From there, the Islamic soul within PAS starts to fade when liberal group and kafir took over.

This fact gets clearer when Selangor III Deputy PAS Commissioner, Khalid Samad openly insulted PAS members just because they criticized the party during the ‘Bringing PAS Back To its Path’ talk.

According to Khalid, PAS has never derailed ilke how most of its members thought. Khalid then accused those members by saying that they are not satisfied with something and that they are former members of PAS, hence rejecting all 11 resolutions which was achieved in the talk by saying that it does not represent PAS.

It seems that Khalid’s statement did not help PAS in restoring the trust for the whole party, but it had caused more problems to them.

Norman Toha, former Selangor PAS Secretary was among the few who attended explained that majority of the participants of the talk are members and PAS supporters from all over Malaysia. They attended the talk because they want to defend the party’s original fight in defending Islam and implementing hudud. They attended to express their sadness on PAS leaders regarding their collaboration with DAP and PKR which clearly cause loss to PAS.

They also worry about the weakness of PAS in facing pressure of liberalism and pluralism which are brought by their allies.

All of the opinions given by the party was also rejected and insulted by Khalid Samad. Thinking that PAS has no problems at all, that PAS still fights for Islam, that PAS is still a dominant party in Pakatan Rakyat.

Despite that, PAS are aware of who Khalid Samad is, few of the masterminds in closing murtad issues which is getting worse in Selangor. Khalid Samad would often come forward to save and strengthen the relationship between PAS and DAP whenever conflict rises.

Khalid is really defending DAP because the party would provide a lot of seats to PR. The one which Khalid adore is Anwar Ibrahim because he would be the Prime Minister who would change social and religious structure in Malaysia, and the one who would appoint him with big post.

But, to get there, he decided to insult PAS and its members.

We are simply sorry having to see how PAS members and its leaders being insulted, but we cannot blame Khalid for insulting them.

If they know that they are in the wrong lane, why take it? Why would they still follow behind PKR? Why hope for attention from DAP? Why hope that PAS leaders would be themselves again?

If leaders who take themselves as ulama could simply be told to do things for their masters, what would happen to supporters if they simply let it pass even if they know that it is wrong?

Loyalty has its limits, right? Khalid dared to make such statements because he knew that no matter what he say, PAS members and its supporters would still stay behind him.

Hence, even if they are led to hell, PAS members should still defend their arguments, while saying that they are actually heading towards heaven.