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PAS Members Can Only Dream Of Having Hadi As PM – Mustafa Ali

Being pulled in the issue of who would be the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wins the 13th General Election (GE13), PAS’s Secretary General, Datuk Mustafa Ali responded that the matter should be used as polemic by leaders and opposition supporters because it is simply their hope, not the proposal or PAS’s final decision.

In other words, it means that PAS never had the intention, suggested or even made any decision to appoint Hadi Awang as the next Prime Minister unlike what was hoped by PAS members. This means that Hadi Awang can just dream of becoming a PM.

I intentionally reviewed Mustafa Ali’s statement in an easier term to help PAS members to understand this matter. This is because, from experience, when it comes to PAS members, I am aware that they would not read and even if they do, it would be really hard for them to understand long and complicated texts. Even their vocab is just limited to cursing and insulting.

Thus, I am worried if they are fooled by Mustafa Ali’s statement and they would keep on dreaming that Hadi would be the next Prime Minister. When the fact is, it is something impossible considering that PAS has never proposed or decide on that matter.

Mustafa Ali also confirmed that PAS cannot stand by itself and PR might have not won the four states alone. His statement seemed humble, probably worried that DAP might hit him.

From what we can see from DAP, they really want to put in Malay candidates and to increase the number of seats for them to compete. Even PKR has been working to claim PAS’s seats with the excuse that it could balance their power in the coalition. And PKR is even more cunning as they are putting their people in PAS to ensure that Anwar’s agenda would run smoothly even if PKR do not manage to win enough seats.

All of this shows how PKR and DAP work hard to ensure that their parties would have more power. PKR hope that they could get full power with the status of Anwar as the Prime Minister while DAP is convinced that they would gain total power by holding onto most of Anwar’s secrets.

Only PAS shows itself as the humble party in PR just like what was expressed by Mustafa Ali.

If top leadership themselves confirmed that they do not have any intention to dominate PR, and they do not have any wish to ensure that PAS controls the coalition, or even get the PM post, then how can PAS supporters expect that the party would implement hudud?

If the leaders refuse to fight, then how can followers expect victory? If PAS cannot dominate PR, then how can Islam PAS win, just like what Hadi Awang has been hoping for?

PAS members would need to accept the fact that their leaders only want to lead them, they can never lead PR, or even this country. And it is not just because they are not qualified, it is because they do not have the guts to challenge Anwar nor DAP.

The conclusion, it is true what people say about PAS leaders being slaves for Anwar and DAP. This is truly sad.



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