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BERITAENGLISHPAS-PKR Conflict In Perlis: Ulama Politics Is A lot Dirtier

PAS-PKR Conflict In Perlis: Ulama Politics Is A lot Dirtier

pru13-perlisPAS rejecting Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister is no longer a secret. However, the ones who rejects Anwar and DAP is not everyone of them, only the Ulama. Meanwhile, PAS supporters know nothing of this and they only follow whatever they read in their ‘holy Harakah.

Internal sources told that Ulama group who reject Anwar chooses Haron Din as the representative to express the matter to Anwar that he cannot be the next Prime Minister. In this regard, a huge movement is made to sabotage Anwar including in PR ceramah.

Among them, in a ceramah in Pelis, host of a ceramah had ‘tricked’ a PKR speaker by giving a text for the announcement where it contains three PAS candidate names for the parliament in the state, denying PR’s request for Kangar Parliament.

Perlis Mufti, Dr. Juanda Jaya is said to be one the those who are disappointed with the announcement because Anwar had promised him a parliamentary seat. The disappointment then turned to rage when Anwar did not do anything for him nor PKR. Anwar did not even have the guts to announce any PR candidates’ names.

As for now, 8 DUN which has the potential to win in Perlis, are taken by PAS.

That is how cunning PAS is in toying with their ally, they even sabotaged ceramah text. It seems like PAS is really holding onto the principal of ‘the end justifies the means’ for the sake of power.

That is why, it is wrong for UMNO to question PAS as an Islamic party. This is because in Islam, integrity and sincerity is the pillar of faith. Without it, anything that we do would mean nothing. There is no such thing as ‘the end justifies the means’ because Islam teaches Muslims to always practice the right way no matter what happens.

We were told that previously, Anwar did meet up with Haron Din when he managed to detect that PAS Ulama is rejecting him. However, Haron Din denied and lied to Anwar in order to calm him down, even though Ulama has come to the agreement to reject Anwar. Isn’t lying a sin? Why should an Ulama lie when he can just tell the truth?

Clearly, Haron Din is playing dirty politics where he and all PAS Ulama pretended to support Anwar that they even denied the claer evidence of Anwar’s scandals. Not just that, this group even accused UMNO for making false claims against Anwar, just so that they could defend Anwar.

Up to today, as Haron Din preps the huge movement to eliminate Anwar, some idiotic PAS supporters still defend Anwar as they hold onto the words said by their Ulama before this.

Our question to Haron Din, why not reject Anwar in open? By admitting that PAS believe that Anwar is not clean so that PAS supporters could get back on track? Why is Haron Din letting his own supporters supporting the dark side by praising Anwar?

When it comes to this matter, as Muslims, we feel ashamed. We do not know which one is worse, ‘DAP using PAS because PAS is stupid and crazy for power’, or ‘PAS backstabbing DAP and PKR because they are crazy for power’.

What PAS is doing is already wrong, how can PAS guarantee that they will defend and implement Islamic agenda is they rule?

PAS has become too dirty. Their robes can no longer cover their dirt.

PAS should clean itself if the party still want to remain as an Islamic party. PAS has nothing to do with Islam other than the name and slogan. The robes worn by its Ulama is not Islam, it is just the symbol of Arab culture.

An Ulama from Indonesia who presented a paper during an Islamic program called Nusantara recently said,”Islam does not have any particular image because it is for all cultures in the world. Even the dome is not a symbol or Islamic structure because that is just a culture.”

Perhaps this is the reason why Kaaba is shaped like a square, with no carvings or anything else, so that mankind would not label any image or certain forms to describe Islam, which will only lead to extremism and confusion about it.



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