Monday - August 2, 2021 @ 13:05

PAS-PKR Perlis Big War #GE13

pru13-perlisInternal sources revealed that PAS has presented three candidates at all three constituencies and has taken all 8 DUN which has the potential to win in Perlis. Hence, leaving PKR confused, trying to understand what is happening.

PKR is said to have confirmed Kangar seat for Perlis Mufti, Dr. Juanda Jaya. Dr. Juanda has also prepared to meet up with Sultan to resign today after the supposed announcement made by Anwar in a ceramah in Kuala Perlis yesterday.

However, the plan was then sabotaged by PAS which gave a text for another speech to be used by PKR speaker, which contains the list of PAS candidates including the candidate for Kangar Parliament. The PKR speaker could not do anything after finding out that he has been tricked. From there, Dr. Juanda became disappointed and mad at Anwar for his failure in defending PKR.

PKR Perlis is now facing the true colors of their ally, PAS, which is a party which runs with an Islamic slogan, but operates like the devil. It seems like this is a clash between two devils.

What is worse, this war between devils, is led by Haron Din, known as a person who ‘chase devils away’. Haron Din is now moving a huge rejection against Anwar Ibrahim and he has expressed the matter to the Opposition Leader that PAS will never accept him as the next Prime Minister.

His excuse, because PAS is aware of who Anwar Ibrahim really is, a free bisexual man, country’s traitor, Zionist puppet as well as supporting pluralism and liberalism in Malaysia.

However, this Ulama do not want to announce an open war against Anwar Ibrahim, instead, he attacked in silence so that others will never find out. Officially, he is still an ally to Anwar and agrees to take Anwar as Prime Minister.

This would definitely make it tough for Anwar to attack, especially in Perlis, as support for PKR is very thin. Like it or not, Anwar has to back down upon PAS Ulama.

Perhaps, this is PAS’ vengeance against Anwar, after he ignored the party in a few issues which has been hitting PR recently. The issues include Kalimah Allah, saloon issue in Kelantan etc.

However, the same cunning move was also done by PAS against DAP. When announcing candidates in Kedah, DAP was not included in any discussions on it. DAP was pushed aside by PAS Kedah that they had to report the matter to Anwar, which did not lead to anything.

In short, never look down on how Ulama play politics. In politics, they never consider any friends, enemy, facts, figures or even Quran verses. Everything is okay and possible for PAS Ulama.

PAS’ actions is really giving a hard time for PKR and DAP. Not just that their party is now facing internal issues where PKR is facing power struggle and personal issues in Selangor and DAP in Johor, now they have to face PAS’ craftiness.

It seems like their issues are really hitting Pakatan Rakyat that even Perlis, a small state, is turning to a war.

It is said that PR Perlis is tumbling, and the moral to face election is gone. They are now confused, trying to understand who is their friend or foe.



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