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anwar-nik azizPAS, the strongest party in the opposition pact of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is opening up and getting wise.

The party has decided to ‘go alone’ in wooing voters using its strength that is Islam and its fundamentals, distancing itself from the cheats and lies of PKR and DAP.

The party which leaders are matured and who know Anwar Ibrahim since the latter was in university, has now taking a hardline stand to put its own choice as Prime Minister if the PR wins the 13th general election.

PAS move has angered not only Anwar who has sold his soul to the ‘devil’ just to be the Prime Minister, but also partner DAP as shown by Karpal Singh openly.

The verbal spat on several issues between PAS and DAP is not just a ‘storm in atea cup’ but a typhoon over the sea, threatening to rock and capsize the ship the three parties are in.

The ‘captains’ in the sinking PR ship are now arguing profusely who should lead with PAS putting its foot down that its president Abdul Hadi Awang as the right candidate while PKR and DAP want Anwar.

Whatever DAP and PKR are thinking of, PAS is on its own in every ways as its leaders do not want Anwar whom they know ‘in and out’ to be PM.

They know Anwar’s Machiavellian ways and they are experiencing it in the party where Anwar is undeniably and continuously trying to take control of the leadership through his men who now sit in the leadership line-up.

With PAS’s move and hardline stand PR is slowly but definitely sinking as DAP and PKR fights over seats in Johor, a state known for being an Umno bastion, which PKR and DAP seemingly take for granted they could penetrate very easily.

Selangor is considered as good as gone for the PR with its Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim ignoring every complain from the voters that supported them in 2008 general election.

A series of suits have been filed for unfulfilled pledges and promises against Khalid while in Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Latif is facing a ‘mutiny’, obviously with Anwar’s invisible hand behind as he plans to put up his own man there.

Uneasiness, distrust, suspicious and back-stabbing is the name of the game in PR while Anwar, through his men such as Rafizi Ramli continues to hoodwink the voters by promising make-believed dreams, the dreams they had promised before and have yet to fulfill.

Given the situation and with the 13th general election is just around the corner, parties in PR are struggling to tie loose-ends which look like many, many ends that cannot be tied.



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