PAS Raged Over UMNO Because PKR Rejected Hudud?

Karpal Singh

During the Fiqh bersama Ulama program which featured Islamic scholars from Arab nations, last month, few of the paper works presented stated that Hudud is only 1/10 from Islam.

This matter was agreed by most Scholars including PAS Scholars, the proof, Hadi Awang hi,self did say that ‘Hudud is only 0.001% from Islam.’

Meanwhile, the status of hudud in Islam is already clear where if a country do not implement hudud, it would not deter the religion at the country. This is because, hudud, law and the government is not the factor that determine the fate of a Muslim in the afterlife. That is why, hudud should not be put as the main thing in Islam.

But, PAS supporters kept on thinking that hudud is thee main focus in Islam and if the country do not implement it, the government is not Islam, including the government supporters. The explanation given by the government where hudud is not that suitable to be implemented in this country, which up until now, PAS has been mocking the statement.

However, PAS do not have any issue when it comes to working alongside PKR who gave the same response towards hudud.

Recently, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, PKR Youth President criticized PAS Youth, Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi for raising the hudud issue. Shamsul suggested that Nasirudin study and understand that hudud is not part of the policy which Pakatan Rakyat has agree.

When asked, why PKR can and UMNO cannot, PAS, especially Mahfodz Omar responded that PKR acknowledge hudud but it does not accept that implementation, but UMNO totally rejects hudud.

If that is the answer, we would like to ask Mahfodz, why is it that PAS do not have any issue on the fact that they are working alongside DAP who clearly said no to hudud, and that they would rather die than letting hudud being implemented.

How come DAP can and UMNO cannot? Obviously, Mahfodz would say that DAP is not Islam.

But, this is not the matter of how Islam a party is. This is also not about whether a party acknowledges hudud or not.

The thing that matters here is about PAS’s stand regarding hudud and is PAS honest enough to implement it.

It is clear that PAS’s stand about hudud since then is that it is merely political and they do not have any intention to really implement it. It is because if they really want it, they would have rejected the cooperation between PKR and DAP like how they rejected UMNO.