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PAS, can be considered the only ‘sane’ party in the opposition alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) should reconsider its position given that its objective to create an Islamic state will be very far fetch.

DAP, the chauvinistic party that champion the Chinese cause and now evidently the Christian cause, according to some blogs, will fight to the death to stop PAS from achieving its objective.

PAS, the longest Islamic party but Malay-based has always open its doors to non-Muslims, purported to educate the non-Muslims on Islam and its teaching but everyone knows it is to reach out to the non-Muslims for votes.

The party has never had so much support from the non-Muslims all along and they had never had so good response until they tie up with DAP and PKR.

Both parties gave PAS the boost in votes but the reality is both parties will not allow PAS to set up a theology state it has been struggling and championing since its inception in 1955.

DAP openly opposes the Islamic state and Hudud laws while PKR comprises liberal Malays who would rather live in an open liberal laws that everyone knows the reasons why.

In this situation, it is better for PAS to go alone as only then the party truly knows its real support, its true real followers who truly supports its Islamic cause, not voters who voted just because the party is tied up in an alliance with DAP and PKR.

Given the opposition the party has from within its own alliance, it is better for PAS to go alone so that voters can get its clear vision rather than now where the party is playing with sentiments rather than real objectives.

Walking on a tightrope for fear of losing support from those supporting DAP and PKR, the party has been playing with words, pacifying supporters as well as DAP and PKR on the subject matter, the very cause the party was formed.

But given the situation now where DAP and PKR have stated their intentions and oppositions as clear as a crystal, PAS should just go on its own way since it prides having ‘ex-Umno leaders’ and ex-top civil servants in its fold.

If it goes its own way, the party can also eliminate the leaders who are being manipulated or in reality followers of PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim, who has been undermining the party for his own benefit.




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