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The cold war between Russia and US is going to restart with the expulsion of US agency for international development because the ‘agency’s work does not always correspond to (its) stated goals.’

‘This means attemptes to exert influence via distribution of grants, upon political processes, including elections of various levels and institutions of civil soceity,’ its said in a statement.

Thus, it is not uncommon and not rare for America to destabilise countries that are seen as threats to them particularly if those countries are Islamic nations and having close relationship with Russia.

If Russia herself America tries to put up a president align to her, then what is Malaysia considering Malaysia is a stable country with sound economic growth and plenty of natural resources but strongly following Islamic principles and idolised by other countries with majority Muslim population.

Given such background, America would not want Malaysia to continue with the situation and as such attempts by any means to destabilise it, using NGOs and free news portals.

And with multi-racial and multi-religious composition of the population, the job to destabilise the nation is made easier – just plant the racial and regilous hatred among them.

This is what exactly is happening here and Anwar Ibrahim is one man who is easily toyed as he is highly ambitious and will do anything, even selling off his race and religion to helm the country.

As the secrets unfold chapter by chapter regarding the fundings by foreign powers and individuals to NGOs and portals aligned or owned by PKR, the co-operation between the three opposition parties – DAP, PAS and PKR – is getting more loose.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had made public his stand that the government should investigate the alleged foreign funding of Suaram and take action if found to be true.

This reflects PAS stand in opposing foreign powers to interfere in gthe country’s affairs, the opposite of other two parties – DAP and PKR.

PAS, despite being an opposition party since the 50s, has never allow itself nor leaders in the party be made tools by outsiders, which is stark contrast with DAP and PKR.

Thus it is now vital for PAS leadership to review its position in PR as the political game it is involved in is far more dangerous and has a long term effect on the Islamic fundamentals path it takes and championing for.

It is no longer an internal game of influence and faith of just toppling a leader but deeper that involves being manipulated indirectly which strays and deviates from the original path of a mere Islamic state and ideology.

From within, DAP’s Karpal Singh, voice of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, is adamant and determine to foil any attempt by PAS to implement Hudud laws and the verbal spat is still ongoing.

Given such a background, it is best that PAS review its position in PR before the coming general election before it is too late – rejected by Muslims who know the international political game or Malays who want to stay a normal moderate Muslim.

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