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BERITAENGLISHPAS Supporters Who Took BR1M Are Worse Than Cows And Chicken -...

PAS Supporters Who Took BR1M Are Worse Than Cows And Chicken – @nikabdulaziz

br1m rasuah nik azizIt is shocking to hear Nik Aziz’s speech as soon as he arrived at Kota Bharu after he performed his umrah in Mecca.

Ni Aziz’ speech did not promote unity, instead, it sounded like insults, that he came to a point of comparing those who received BR1M with animals.

Nik Aziz said, in front of his supporters at Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium compound,” Those who offer money to people, is as same as we calling out chicken to come cloesr to us, all we do is just throw the food. If we want to call the cows, we throw in straws.”

That is how insulting he is towards those who received BR1M even when most of his own supporters received it. Not just that, they even said that it is their rights, as rakyat and the money belongs to rakyat.

God knows how did they find such excuse. Would any other governments in the world provide BR1M? No, because it is not their responsibility.

It is part of nature, people need to work to earn money. No one deserve to get anything without doing anything unless they really do not have any power to work due to health reasons for example.

Government’s responsibility is to administrate, generate income, bring in investments, public facilities, education, preserve national sovereignty and to ensure peace.

Providing ‘free money’ to rakyat is not part of the government’s responsibility.

As for rakyat, they need to work to pay for themselves, their family and taxes to the government, so that the government could keep on providing the service they need.

Coming from concern, BN government do think of those who are in need and decided to help them, through BR1M. Government can simply use the RM3 billion, budgeted for BR1m for other things, but that might not benefit those who really need it.

Obviously BR1M cannot be implemented if the government cannot afford it. If the government only depend on taxes from those who can afford to pay, obviously they will not be able to provide BR1M to those in need.

Thus, being able to implement it proves how efficient Barisan Nasional is in generating income as well as managing the country’s finance.

Sadly, Tok Guru sees BR1M as bait or bribe to gain votes from rakyat, other than insulting those who accepted it. It is even sadder when those who actually took BR1M, are his own supporters.

That is why, we would like to ask Tok Guru, if those who took BR1M are as same as cows and chicken, what about his supporters who often insult BN by in the end still took BR1M anyway, what are they?

Think about it.



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