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POLITIKPAS Youth Confirmed That Harakah Is Lost

PAS Youth Confirmed That Harakah Is Lost

The ongoing PAS’s 58th Muktamar shows huge caution among each representatives in choosing motions which they would debate. Most of them would avoid from discussing about the worry among the top people when it comes to the objective of the party which seems to be derailing.

Despite that, not much space are given to them to debate, they only managed to ‘attack’ on a few things. Few of the issues include the official newspaper of the party, Harakah, suffered harsh criticism from representative. Few of those who criticized include PAS Wilayah’s Youth Chief, Kamaruzzaman Mohamad, who stated that Harakah is now lost from it’s main objective.

That is why, he is proposing that the newspaper should be observed under a committee to filter all of its contents. The motion was passed with huge majority, 733 representatives from 172 constituencies.

Harakah was criticized for being too open in giving space to DAP and PKR leaders. Representatives also do not like the fact that the newspaper publishes frontpage stories which does not benefit PAS, few of them include the issue of Datuk Dr. Hassan Ali and Nasharuddin Mat Isa and Karpal Singh’s controversy. News such as those according to them, would only cause clash among PR leaders.

It is clear that representatives would be happier if the leadership council do not know much about what is happening. Perhaps this would be easier for them because they do not have to answer tough questions when it comes to where PAS is really headed in PR and PR’s objective itself, if asked by the council.

We agree with PAS Youth that Harakah is lost, but it is not because it is being too open which does not benefit the party. But it is more because they publish stories which only accuse UMNO leaders, and at the same time becomes the agent in spreading hate among Muslims.

Despite that, it is not impossible that the criticism given by PAS Youth has it’s own message where they actually want to criticize the individual behind Harakah, Kamaruddin Jaafar or KJ, the Managing Director of the newspaper. Everyone know that KJ is close to Anwar Ibrahim. In last July, Zaini Hassan wrote in his column in Utusan Malaysia. It says:

“P19 Tumpat MP, Kamaruddin Jaafar, is said that he would replace Nik Aziz as Kelantan Chief Minister after the coming GE13. It was understood that if this is true, KJ which has been Tumpat MP since 1999 will compete in DUN N3 Pasir Pekan (his hometown) in his current constituency…”

KJ is Anwar’s think tank in Institute for Policy Studies (IKD) and if it is true that PAS representatives do not like him, this shows that they are already seeing Anwar’s control for Harakah.

Anwar is well aware with the importance of media, would definitely use KJ to spread his Anwarinas agenda. So it is not surprising if Harakah provides more space for PAS’s allies until PAS members themselves feel that their leaders are being pushed aside.

If they are talking about Anwarinas, then it is clear that they still do not know anything. It seems that they cannot accept the fact that PAs and Anwarinas and even DAP is one, and their agenda is always in juxtaposition with the objective of winning the next G and to appoint Anwar as the Prime Minister.

Thus, PAS Youth cannot complain much if leaders if their allied parties are given more credibility by Harakah compared to PAs because it is time for them to accept allied leaders from DAP and PKR as their own leaders.

This means, if issues that are brought up by Harakah does not provide any benefit for PAS but it helps promote PR’s huge agenda, then politically, it is not wrong for Harakah to publish it.

The fact that Pemuda, Muslimat and PAS supporters today has to accept is that, as for now, PAS need to give in, to win. Harakah is just playing its role as the devil in spreading hate to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat would win instead of PAS alone, that is how it goes.



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