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POLITIKPAS's Himpunan Hijau Is Scaring Chinese

PAS’s Himpunan Hijau Is Scaring Chinese

The Chinese are said as a race that is practical and are not emotional, where they look at life in logic, numbers and facts. Because of that, for these few decades, they have stayed loyal to Barisan Nasional because they believe that BN could provide benefit to them.

But, recently, the Chinese believe that all the success that they had gain are made possible with their own blood, sweat and tears, without getting any help from anyone. As if they could be rich even if the country has a leader or not. More than that, they also believe that if the people from their race lead this country, they would be able to get more than what they have now.

Thus, they then placed their bets on Pakatan Rakyat, with hopes that DAP would be a dominant party who would use PKR and PAS.

But, their confidence are now going down after PAS organized Himpunan Hijau which showed their new power from a party that fights for Islam.

Even though PAS had lost a few Malay voters, Himpunan Hijau PAS somehow clearly showed that they managed to achieve their target, most probably because their leaders are bringing up the issue of hudud again.

Everyone knew that most of PAS’s supporters still want to have an Islamic nation and hudud and they take extremism as the perfection of Islam because that is what PAS leaders have been telling them since then, from Hadi Awang that is.

PAS have been promoting extremism to differentiate their party from UMNO. This was done by saying that extreme is how it should be and those who are in UMNO are weak, misguided and kafir. This understanding has been planted in PAS’s supporters for a very long time even though their leaders kept on trying to deny this fact.

However, after working along with DAP, PAS finally loosen their objective that they ended up being more open than UMNO. Today, PAS do not dare to go against those who went murtad and they simply let night clubs and massage parlors blossom just so that they could maintain the harmony in Pakatan Rakyat.

Obviously PAS’s new approach have made the Chinese happy, especially DAP. PAS seemed to listen to DAP that they would even let go of their fight to form an Islamic nation. But are they really that weak that they would listen to DAP?

If we are to follow forums, comments and articles that supports PAS, we can find that their hopes in building an Islamic nation and implementing hudud law was never gone. They even denied the statement saying that PAS do not want to establish an Islamic nation and implementing hudud.

All these while, PAS’s leaders are in the juncture of between following their supporters who wants Islam and orders from DAP who want them to lose Islam in their fight.

But the Himpunan Hijau in Kedah on June 1 had shown the answers to their dilemma. Now, PAS leaders are confident that they are strong to go against DAP’s orders.

Even DAP would have realized the impact from Himpunan Hijau, and that they are looking at their own strength to face pressure that might be inflicted by PAS if Pakatan Rakyat gets to Putrajaya.

Would DAP be able to stop the jihad spirit from PAS? Would their dreams of having a Republic of Malaysia turn to reality if PR do lead?

As a chauvinist and racist party, DAP might not be accepted by most non-Chinese rakyat in Malaysia. Thus, if any conflict do occur in this country during PR leadership, there is a huge chance that people of other races would work together behind PAS to put pressure on DAP even if most of them are not PAS supporters.

DAP might think that they are smart for being able to cause clash between Malays from PAS and UMNO. But they fail to learn from history where they might have made a huge mistake out of this.

An incident in Indonesia where Chinese were slaughtered, raped and violently murdered only because people were not happy with the government. This could just happen in Malaysia, where the scenario is just about the same where the Chinese controls the economy, original population fighting amongst themselves and people are pushing the who society to go against the government.

What is certain, if we are to look at Himpunan Hijau PAS in a different perspective to be compared to other parties in Pakatan Rakyat. A stronger PAS is a lot better for DAP, but PAS that is too strong would be very bad for DAP. As for PAS, they might be able to gain their confidence back, but are they strong enough to face the economic power and racism that is now under the hands of DAP?



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