Petronas Provides Fund For Anwar?

And e-book, The ‘I’ Files, written by Jonathan Smith had revealed each of Anwar’s stories is spreading among the general public. Just like writer had mentioned before, most of the stories written are considered as secret, at least for veteran political watchdogs like writer.

The story of Anwar eloping, Wan Azizah’s father went berserk that he wanted to shoot Anwar may not be that confidential considering that our youth might really know about it. Even the story where he was funded by an Islamic extremists, Wahhabi was also revealed.

And everybody knew about his involvement with the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). What is interesting in this bit is that Smith did not really elaborate (or yet to be written) on the details of IIIT. We believe that the location of IIIT in Langley, CIA is not a coincidence. According to a few sources, the result of a research on the way Muslims think by IIIT was used by the CIA to manipulate, clash and destroy Islamic nations in a structured manner.

CIA knew that Muslims are fanatics and that they would automatically clash with fundamental Muslims. If needed, CIA would raise up issues through their agents in those Islamic nations, spreading more hate that could then lead to chaos and civil war and riots.

When Islamic nations go weak, the West would provide support, aid and even funds to spread liberalism at those countries from various angle, form and ways.

So, we should understand that those funds that Anwar had received from the extreme Islamic group actually began from the West, CIA – perhaps at that time, without Anwar nor those Arab extreme groups even realizing that fact.

What is clear is that today, we do know that Anwar do realize about those CIA agents in IIIT. There is no way that he did not know his situation when his name was part of the list of Zionist leaders and liberal Muslims in a few organizations that work closely with the CIA.

Besides funds from extreme Islamic group, Smith also mentioned that another one of Anwar’s financial source that no one might have not known, Petronas.

And for Malaysians generally, writer is certain that it then became our main concern in the fourth chapter of the book.

According to Smith, he realize that something is wrong when he saw Petronas’s doubtful financial data long before Anwar showed his true colors. At first, his employees saw that Petronas sold their gas in a small amount, but still with a below price market. But, he thought that it was too small to be detected or for anyone to see whether anything is wrong at that time.

The name of Hassan Marican then came out in his investigation file back in 1990, as a person that is closely related to Anwar who was his junior back in MCKK. The record stated that Hassan’s father used to work for Wan Azizah’s father in 1970s. Anwar was said to have brought Hassan into Petronas and later gaev him the highest position in the company in 1995.

Tun Dr. Mahathir was suspicious in the beginning because Hassan was only 43 years old at that time, however, he believed his Deputy and agreed with Hassan being on top.

Playing with fuel price is just a small thing for these two MCKK alumni. What is more impressive was how they had form this network that involves construction, purchases and services via Petronas which was worth billions of Pound.

Funding from Wahhabi/CIA network and Petronas and billions of others from various sources is the one that is used by Anwar Ibrahim who was the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister back then, to build support and his own empire, thus, bringing down Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Considering that Wahhabi or CIA is not something that Malaysians are familiar with, so let us all put those two things aside and let Anwar or the government, or any bigger entities to handle them.

As rakyat, all we want to know is whether it is true that Petronas had indirectly sponsored a traitor and a sodomite to become the next Prime Minister> And is it true that Hassan Marican is involved as well?

Petronas and Hassan should provide answers for rakyat.