PKR GE Meeting: PKR Lost Before Competing?

PKR seems to be using ‘rakyat’ again in each of their activities and campaigns. Obviously, to face the election this time around, the name of rakyat would be raised up high as if rakyat is their main objective even though everything is for Anwar.

During PKR’s GE Meeting last year, the party had seek help from Merdeka Center, to test out a few slogans which they have prepared for GE13. They include:

1. Ubah Sekarang, Selamatkan Malaysia (Change Now, Save Malaysia)

2. Malaysia Baru, Muafakat Baru, Pimpinan Baru (New Malaysia, New Unity, New Leadership)

3. Demi Rakyat, Demi Masa Depan (For Rakyat, For Future)

Along with PKR’s excitement over the use of the word ‘rakyat’, they seems to be fond of using the third slogan, Demi Rakyat, Demi Masa Depan (For Rakyat, For Future) which for them really highlights the image of JUSTICE. The slogan was said to have gained positive responses from PKR’s targeted voters who are the groups of youth, working class people, and Indians who are undecided.

During the same meeting, the party had underlined a few issues which they would use to attack BN.

Few o them include the increase in price of goods, oil subsidy, AUKU, PTPTN, corruption, property issues, social issues, high price for vehicles and limited job openings.

In playing all of the issues, PKR in a way had shown that they are not that smart with numbers and they simply fail in economics.

For example, as for PTPTN, PKR was criticized by DAP and PAS for putting PR in a tough spot. Chinese newspapers which are pro-DAP also smashed the idea to abolish PTPTN because it was embarrassing an impractical in forms of economy.

The same thing goes with the issue of oil subsidy and the increase in price of goods where they are all global issues which rakyat are well aware that of PKR becomes the government, even they would not be able to influence the global market. Making such promises would only result to false hope to rakyat.

Fir AUKU, PR began to show their double standard treatment when Kedah’s PAS Chief Minister, Ustaz Azizan ordered that any students who joins rally would be sentenced under the Act.

PKR’s attempt to attack the government through corruption and social issues within the society are also making rakyat smile in sarcasm. Why? If PKR Leader himself is dubbed as the Father of Corruption. His assistant can even afford home worth millions of Ringgit. His cronies, and now, his party and his allies are swamped with scandals.

With that, let us all wait and see what PKR would lie about the issue if work opportunities in Malaysia considering that this is the only issues which they are still yet to use.

Whatever it is, we are aware that states that are administered by PKR or PR are all in trouble in finding more investments which would effect work opportunities. They only job opening which the people at their state could have would be in the entertainment field such as masseuse where one do not have to even apply for PTPTN to study. All they need is guts.

If these are PKR’s strategies to face GE13, it seems clear that PKR have lose the game even before they begin campaigning.