PKR Tries To Trigger Islamic Nations’ Uprising Against Saudi Arabia

As the world began to realize and mocking the terror of Zionist regime, some somehow tries to divert the attention and raises questions on Islamic government, Saudi Arabia. The side that we are talking about here is not from the West, but a pro-PKR writer, hence, strengthening rakyat’s perception that PKR is truly Zionist’s agent for the South East Asian region.

The writer is of course none other than Hishamuddin Rais. In KeAdilandaily, Hishamuddin wrote in an article entitled ‘Saudi Arabia and Israel Zionist’ where he insulted the people of Saudi by saying that they had acted immorally and turned violent against foreigners including raping and bashing female workers from Philippines and Indonesia.

Few of his article mentioned:

“To me, Saudi Arabia is just a scam for all Muslims around the world.

History showed that Saudi Arabia was formed from the planning of Anglo-Saxon imperial power right after the first World War. This Arab peninsular, just like the Gulf countries, was led by various tribal leaders. Clashes between tribes often happen. So that is when T.E Lawrence, an agent from Britain who plans to bring down the imperial power of Ottoman which stands in Istanbul decided to come.”

By providing support to tribe leader, Abdul Aziz al- Saud, the strength of Ottoman government in the southern region – Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq – turned weak. On October 29, 1923, Turkey turned to a Republic. Officially, the power of Ottoman government was wiped out on March 3, 1924. Finally in 1932, the country known as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formed. T.E Lawrence, a British agent, who also practiced homosexuality had played a huge role in forming Saudi Arabia.

The question is, why would Hishamudin Rais or PKR insulted and mocked Saudi government as such? Does PKR want to trigger doubt, prejudice and hate towards the government of Saudi Arabia among Muslim around the world?

Does he want to see Saudi to be in chaos>

Modern Saudi was formed in 1932. The history behind it showed the invasion of Nejd and Hejaz by Abdul Aziz bin Saud in 1902, a failed revolution in 1916, and mass murder of badwi wahabbi soldiers in 1930 in Sabilla when they did not agree with King Abdul Aziz who did not want to be in war and to invade Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait.

Since then, Saudi’s politics are always unstable due to internal crisis between Royals, army and Islamic extremists.

But, it was a blessing for Muslims all over the world when Saudi government reached peace and that they managed to keep developing to make it possible for people to go to Mecca without getting any threats.

Digging back history just to mock the Saudi government is a stupid thing to do, especially when it is done by a foreigner, not people of Saudi.

That is why, it is not wrong for us to think that Hishamuddin Rais and PKR is carrying Zionist agenda to trigger hate towards the country that is rich with oil and holds the house of Allah.

This may be a desperate move for Hishamuddin to retain the good image of Anwar Ibrahim as a fighter for Islam and not a Zionist agent, and it was done by linking the Saudi government with Zionist. Too bad, such statements are just too overrated.

Or perhaps his intention as to trigger tension between Malaysia-Saudi. If that is his intention, he should know that PKR can never be the government, and that is why he did not even care to keep diplomatic relationship with foreign nations clean.

Whatever it is, Anwar Ibrahim need to explain various matters to Muslims all around the world especially to the people of Saudi Arabia about what his ‘slave’, Hishamuddin Rais had written. The article should not be mentioned as Hishamuddin’s personal opinion because it was printed and published within PKR.

Especially when PKR’s involvement with Zionism can be seen through Anwar Ibrahim’s close relationship with Zionism leaders. The apology tour case, for example, showed that Anwar had to beg for forgiveness from Zionist leaders when he ‘accidentally’ criticized their intrusion towards Palestine, had opened the eyes of many.

We are well aware of Zionist’s strategy in taking over the world, divide and rule. people in nations would be separated to tribes, races and religions with their agents moving each of these groups, these agents would then begin to accuse the government, which then would lead to people going against the government.

For such a long time, Zionists have managed to use their puppets in few countries with this strategy. Countries which became their target are usually countries with rich natural resources such as oil, or logistics in forms of space and sea for their trading interest.

Besides that, even countries without natural resources would still become their victims because Zionists ti target all countries around the world to be controlled by them.

This is not about being paranoid or having such high imagination but it is fact which had been revealed by few CIA agents.

Thus, with the article written by Hishamuddin Rais, it seems that PKR was given the responsibility by Zionist to break Malaysians, and to trigger hate towards the country which becomes the ‘kiblat’ for Muslims around the world.

What is important is that we should not let Zionist agents such as PKR contaminate the Holy Land by triggering riot there. Peace in the Holy Land should be kept at any cost, that is the promise made by Saudi Arabian government so that all Muslims around the world would be able to perform Haj each year.

One question which comes from all this is that what does PAS think about this? Do they want to see the Holy Landd turn to Tahrir Square like how they have hoped for all these while?