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ZuraidaNow it is now open secret…women are no longer interested in knowing what else to join PKR…a party that purported promotes equal rights but choosy when come to picking women as candidate for the general election.

Freedom and equal rights seem to have a double standard in PKR as the party struggles to find qualified women to be fielded as candidates or this is just an excuse to prevent women from taking a more active part in the party.

PKR Wanita chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin revealed that the party could only fill up 15 seats or 50 percent of the seats allotted for women, which means women are not appreciated in PKR.

Not only that, Zuraidah revealed the women the party approached were not interested in becoming candidates for PKR!

Imagine the response…women who are qualified…which mean that graduates, young and possessing leadership abilities rejected offers to become candidates for PKR!

This simply means PKR is being rejected by young women who are intelligent, who have the minds to think of their future and the future of the country…wise thinking these young women and all of them are Malays probably.

Now Malaysians know PKR is not a party any right thinking Malaysian in particular the Malays should support nor be part of it.

Zuraidah herself admitted and the scenario is in reality as what she revealed, not only among women but among males too.

PKR is slowly but definite being shunned by right thinking young generation as they continue laughing at the political gimmicks Anwar Ibrahim and gang are exhibiting.

Accusing BN of violent acts is nothing new as the younger generation know the tense political atmosphere is actually being created by PKR and PAS, this are talks among them in mamak shops at night.

The youngsters when met said they remember the days when they used to enjoy political ceramahs by BN as they could joke about them, they could even jeer or cheer without being harassed and at the end of the ceramahs, there sure would be some Umno men taking them for late supper despite being jeered.

Friendly despite possessing differences in political outlook and views, those were the days, they said.

But not now as they fear even the atmosphere, of course this is for those who are non-partisan. Those who love to listen without prejudice or taking sides.

Thus, PKR is really losing influence, not just among the women but also young people as the party struggles with reality, being phased out slowly in the minds of the people.

As the lyrics of the song goes …and now the end is near…ha ha ha.

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