Please Donate For A Highway To Heaven – Nik Aziz

Not long after being slammed by Masjidil Haram’s Fatwa Council regarding misleading fatwa which voters are promised with heaven if they vote for PAS, today Nik Aziz once again promised good deeds to those who donates for the development of 73km Kota Bharu-Kuala Krai Rakyat Highway worth RM1.8 billion.

According to a report published by Berita Harian, Nik Aziz also admitted that he had donated RM5,000 on behalf of his parents as a deed for them.

Nik Aziz made the statement after a groundbreaking ceremony of the first package of the highway between Machang-Kuala Krai which involves a stretch of 43km.

Nik Aziz asks for rakyat to donate to ensure that the highway would be finished entirely. The donations would provide them good deed, he said.

Interesting! But we are a little confused by this:

Would the amount of donation be as same as the amount of good deed that one could get? Or no mater how much one donates, the amount of good deed is just as same for all> And can we get rid of our sins if we donate for this highway? Or we use this contra system where for each Ringgit we donate, a sin would be gone.

And what if the money that are donated are haram? Would those people get good deeds as well? If non-Muslims donate, would they escape hell?

And how can Nik Aziz justify his statement regarding those who vote for PAS would definitely go to heaven? Would it be possible if those who donate for the highway would get a bigger chance to go to heaven?

We need more details on this matter because there are still a huge number of Muslims out there who are still yet to vote for PAS and they would want to know whether if they donate for this highway, their chances of going to heaven would be bigger.

This Rakyat Highway is said that it would provide special path for animals such as elephants and tigers to pass through the area. They never really mention any special path for other creatures such as jinn and a separated path between male and female jinn, to justify the description of a highway to heaven.

The less interesting part in this highway that is seen as an ‘afterlife’s stock’ is that the highway might not be able to operate without tolls. Previously, Husam Musa made a statement saying “There might be tolls, but the rate might be cheaper according to seasons.”

It seems that even though Pakatan Rakyat promises toll-free highway in Malaysia, but Kelantan, once again may be excused from other stated where tolls can be made there.

That got us thinking, perhaps the rate of the toll would give us good deeds? If yes, can Nik Aziz provide more good deeds to other toll payers in other states?

We can laugh at Nik Aziz’s misconception of things, but writer cannot help but to wonder just how many Muslims have fallen into such misconceptions. Nik Aziz should have asked rakyat to provide donations in building mosques, where it is promised by Allah where they will get good deeds. Everyone knew that PAS Kelantan only managed to build a single mosque in the state since their administration 20 years back. Other mosques were developed by the central government.

The fact is, asking donation from rakyat could officially mean that PAS has fail in total.

PAS had failed to generate any income from the state because they fail to provide easy access for rakyat, fail to open any job opportunities, fail to increase rakyat’s standard of living and now they want donations from rakyat.

The average of Kelantan citizens live in poverty and Islam had remind us that poverty could lead to disbelief. Thus, how can they go to heaven because they are too poor to provide any donations for the highway? How can they go to heaven if they are in disbelieve? What, they just vote for PAS and they get a guarantee?

Is that what Nik Aziz is trying to convey? Vote for PAS because election is near?

Whatever it is, what we see here is that Nik Aziz is trying to collect donation for the election, not for the highway project.