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BERITAENGLISHPM Should Announce List Of Candidates A Lot Earlier #GE13

PM Should Announce List Of Candidates A Lot Earlier #GE13

Nomination day has been scheduled at April 20 and election will be held on May 5.

najib-pra-pelancaran-manifestoEven though both dates had just been announced, the opposition has a lot earlier announced their candidates in a few constituencies which shows critical arguments within the coalition.

It would be a lie if we are to say that Barisan Nasional is not hit with election fever as well, however, compared to the opposition, BN seems to be calmer in handing over the decision to leadership when it comes to nomination.

Even though the efforts to obtrude, pleasing and competing against one another are there, but as a rational and mature party, every side in BN accepts the status, roles and priorities to secure victory. In short, BN is a professional party and it is sincere in fighting for democracy.

The clear difference between BN and PR in facing election would be the dictatorship which does not exist in any BN leaders. Dato’ Seri Najib never ignored opinions from grass roots or any sides, in setting candidates. Thus, it is not surprising why he took a while to dissolve the parliament, and announcing the candidates.

We do realize that it is not easy to please everyone, but like it or not, decision must be made and some might be disappointed. Nevertheless, it is not an excuse for supporters to mock candidates picked by the Prime Minister just like what was done by PR supporters against Anwar.

Besides that, there is no space within BN for anyone to manipulate or tricking other sides in announcing other names instead of candidates chosen by leaders, just like what happened between PKR and PAS in Perlis.

We also might never see PM as UMNO President to push aside component parties with brute force and rudeness just like what was done by DAP in Johor.

Instead, all issues are discussed to find the most practical solution for the benefit of the party as a whole.

This can be done with ease by BN thanks to the high level of esprit de corps in BN. BN always respect its leaders and it is always polite. That is why there is no confusion in BN.

Even though there may be a few unsolved issues, everyone is aware that it will be resolved once candidates are nominated.

We need to understand that this smoothness is not just caused by BN great performance and experience, it is also due to the respect between party members which can never happen in PR.

With all the chaos going on, PR’s road to election seem tough, making it hard for them to get to Putrajaya.

In this situation, we feel that Prime Minister can announce BN candidates anytime from now. We are certain that it would not give any bad impact towards BN, instead, it will help prepare the party’s machine, both mentally and physically a lot earlier.



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