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Point of view of a chinese regarding the superficial drama which did to attract Malays to forgive easily

I have always said the Malays in Malaysia are more politically mature than the Chinese. However, there is one weakness in the Malay political psyche; they are easily swayed and taken in by superficial sandiwara and wayang kulit. I don’t know whether this is part of their DNA or just a greater tendency to forgive and forget but no matter how many times someone does one of this sandiwara things, there will always be Malays who will fall for it.

Some examples are….

(1) When Hannah Yeoh wore a baju kurung and donned a tudung, many Malays including BN supporters went Wow, she is so Malay and Islam friendly and conveniently forgot that she is a hardcore radical Christian evangelist who is anti Islam right down to her bones.

(2) When Nik Abdul Nik Aziz wore a Baju Melayu complete with a keris, many Malays actually believed that he has become a Malay nationalist who is willing to work with UMNO. No, PAS will always be a radical Islamist party bent on replacing Malay cultures with Arabic ones and will always be in competition with UMNO for the hearts and minds of the Malay hinterlands. Any cooperation with UMNO is due only to political expediency rather than a meeting of idealogy.

(3) When those 2 fuck faces LKS and LGE went on a national Berbuka Puasa trail, many Malays seemed to stop questioning their years of anti Islam action and rhetoric when most people can see that it was merely a wayang. How difficult is it to Berbuka Puasa with Malay community leaders anyway? It will be something else if they puasa bersama.

(4) Ditto when that bitch Marina launched her Puasa for Malaysia campaign. All I saw was selfies of them sahur and iftar but nothing in between when it really mattered. Anyway who the hell puasa for Malaysia? I always thought Muslims puasa for themselves, their religion and Allah.

(5) When Chong Sin Woon gave a speech in Parliament in fairly decent BM, many Malays went ballistic, conveniently forgetting that he was the guy who encouraged MCA members to attend Bersih 3 and made police reports against Perhimpunan Baju Merah. It’s a big problem if as a Malaysian, a senator and a deputy minister, he can’t speak fluent BM but it’s really no big deal if he can.

I spent 10 years in Indonesia and I speak Bahasa Indonesia as well as if not better than most Indonesians (rural Indonesians tend to use dialects) but I never had anyone came up to me and say Wow Pak daniel you are such a patriotic Indonesian. They were impressed only when they knew I am not even Indonesian.

(6) One trick that will always work with the Malays is when you get some old farts to shed crocodie tears, Saya sudah tua sudah mau mati. They will go dia sudah taubat.

Never heard of fuckers who die without ever bertaubat?

Unfortunately all these wayangs and sandiwaras were played to perfection by the Pakatoons and many Malays felled for them hook, line and sinker.

Looks like they will be at it again during PAU to influence the results of UMNO elections.

Who wouldn’t when it works every time?.

As soon as that fucker start shedding crocodile tears again, they will always be Malays and UMNO members who will ask What’s so wrong with Mahathir as long as he is not with DAP.?

Conveniently forgetting that this pukimamak destroyed UMNO not once but twice.

Credit fb : Daniel Goh


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  1. Don’t raise rasict statements, very sensitive…. Nowdays is Malaysian don’t want BN, not only malay, b4 GE14 most of BN ppl said Malaysia will be Christian country if DAP win, are now Malaysia is Christian country? Don’t talk religion issue, can’t used now days… Now generation are smart ever, BN & you admin are using old tactic and drama as well can’t change ppl mind set.

  2. Sifat manusia yg normal akan ada rasa benci suka rasa senang dan susah rasa sedih gembira dan susah senang dan simpativdan banyak lagi. Jika ada manusia hilangvrasa simpati hilang rasa hormat hilang rasa sedih kasihan dlk maknanya ia sudah tidak normal dan cacat.

  3. I like you bro…finally a REAL MALAYSIAN….not calling you a Chinese no offense coz you’re actually for the Malays…wa caya sama lu…loveee the “fu€% face” reference..#onlyIdiotsVote4PH #PHfullOfShit #GomenHAPRAK #theNationrunByidiots #PHAILEDnation #bringBackNAJIB #bestPMever #MakeMalaysiaGREATagain

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