Police Have Found The Original SEMBURIT Video : Whether PDRM Arrest & Charge Azmin Depends On Tun Mahathir #pakdin.my

[Malaysia-Today] PDRM has raided the Restoran Rebung located a few meters from the main entrance of Bukit Aman and has confiscated the master or original SEMBURIT video involving Azmin Ali and Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz. It is ironical that all this time the master of the SEMBURIT video was under the noses of the police, so to speak.

That video somehow got leaked by Bukit Aman insiders, those believed to be aligned to Anwar Ibrahim, and is now being viralled through Telegram and WhatsApp messages. Malaysia Today has also received a copy of that video.

The police has so far not issued any statement or announced that they have conducted a raid and have managed to confiscate the master or original of the SEMBURIT video. It is believed the IGP, Abdul Hamid Bador, is awaiting further instructions from Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Haziq Aziz confessed it is him and Azmin Ali in the video

In the video you can see Haziq adjusting the angle of the camera. Hence it was not a secret recording but recorded on purpose. So, going by what the video shows, what Haziq claimed in his press conference and in his affidavit is true after all.

This leaves the police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers with very little choice but to proceed with action against Haziq and Azmin. The IGP can no longer claim that the actors in the video are not recognisable.

In fact, in other countries, terrorists have been arrested and jailed based on CCTV recordings that are of a far lower quality than the SEMBURIT video. And in the case of the SEMBURIT video, the police even have the confession of one of the actors, Haziq. Based on that confession alone the police do not have any excuse to drop the case and file it under NFA (no further action).