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BERITAPolitical Divorce Issue: Che Hasnah Should Be Grateful

Political Divorce Issue: Che Hasnah Should Be Grateful

Even though many feel sorry on the matter that Che Hasnah Che Ahmad and her husband had a divorce on the excuse of different political opinion, but writer feels that she should be congratulated.

I believe that what happened to her is actually for the best because a person Yahaya Ibrahim do not deserve to be a husband.

Actually, husbands such as Yahaya Ibrahim are actually all around Malaysia, especially in PAS. Their attitudes are typical where their ego is big especially around their wives and they would always look down upon women. They are usually uneducated and even if they do, they might only have degrees on religious courses where their job opportunity would not be as vast as others. Some would become ustaz at schools, some would work in pasar malam etc.

But, the breadwinner of the family would often be the wife. Even if husbands run businesses, their wives would be the ones who would work harder to keep business running. Those who are ‘smarter’ would take women who have stable jobs so that husbands could just ‘be on holidays’ anytime they want, either for fun or to join PAS’s political activities.

Despite that, these husbands still refuse to respect their wives even though they are just burden in forms of finance, physical, emotional and mental to the wife. In short, they do not even bring any benefit to the family.

Things get worse when the husband’s attitudes are followed by the children, so the chain of trash generation continues.

In most cases like this, I found that after divorce, the life of the family gets a lot better especially for wife and children. That is why I think that Che Hasnah should be congratulated.

It is true that Islam asks for women to respect husbands. But Allah created women with different emotions and different way of thinking to complete the way how men think, just one way.

According to Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, George E. Murphy, M.D., men only think of logic but women thinks in an overall manner, considering the surroundings, other people etc before coming to any decision.

That is why men often come to a dead end whenever they miss a step in making decision.

And women would always be careful before coming to any decision.

That is why men and women complete one another.

Real men would understand this concept and they would never disrespect women. This is what our society need to understand that real man do not just come with epic body tone, but it depends on the way he thinks.

Real men would not feel threatened just for respecting women because they should know that as man and wife, they complete one another.

That is why Che Hasnah should not weep over the divorce. Yahaya’s excuse on having the divorce only because Che Hasnah did not care for him when she wore the red attire is enough to show what kind of man he is.

Especially when he said that Che Hasnah is lost, only because he is too much into PAS that he thinks PAS is religion.

It is clear that Yahaya is confused because he cannot think that far. The proof, he could not answer question on what did his wife do until he says that she is lost and at the same time failing to justify the fact that the reason of the divorce is because of politics.







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