The arrogance of power – the Selangor State Government has given the Transport minister 14 days to dismantle the Automated Enforcement System (AES) structure in Kajang, Selangor.

DAP state exco member Ronnie Liu told a Chinese daily that the state government would get the relevant local council to bring down the cameras and structures as he claimed the Kajang Council did not approve the putting up of the structures.

He also said the Selangor State Government had also banned the use of AES in the state because the system has many shortcomings.

Imagine the reasons given…the PKR Selangor state government just ignore the importance and the main reason of the AES – to save life – through disciplining motorists to drive safely, courteously.

That is the motive of the AES because traffic policemen cannot be around all the dangerous bends and corners and straight roads to monitor motorists who flout traffic laws.

The oppositions are taking AES as an issue given the millions of motorists who are being summons mostly on speeding as mostly drive cars 1.5cc and above.

To the oppositions, going against AES will get the those angry being summons to vote for them as the summons are not cheap, to a normal person, one summon is equal to five to 10 percent of their monthly salaries.

These are the people who would, to the minds of oppositions leaders, this is only probability, would vote for them because of same thinking, AES is more of punishment than disciplining.

One thing which attracts the young motorists more than the prevention of accidents is the opposition’s ability to relate the AES to purported cronyism where the contract was given out to Umno members or former Umno leaders.

The purported cronyism allegation attracted young motorists more than anything else which the oppositions are very good at – making false allegations that attracts voters to them – believing in their imaginary allegations.

To the oppositions, in their present situation where all their weaknesses and unfulfilled promises are being highlighted everyday, the only way out and to divert is by making allegations of cronyisms and corruptions, the subjects that young voters are more prone to believe.

But are the youngsters who are the young voters are actually responsible people who, despite being against crnyisms and corruptions, are also against committing offences of any type, including traffic offences.

They have been trying to keep their driving clean and thus, they also support AES despite accidentally flouting the laws, not on purpose. They know AES can save life as well as discipline drivers.