PR Is The Reason Why M’sia Listed As A Rude Nation

Once again, popular magazine Reader’s Digest ran another survey regarding manner and courtesy in 36 countries around the world. The result, Malaysia, a country which has ‘decency and morality’ in its Rukunegara, is in 34th from the list.

It seems that most Malaysians are not really surprised with the result of the survey. The main question here is that is taking this matter lightly should be debated?

Malays cover the majority of the people in this country was famous for being courteous. The language is beautiful, the people are modest. That is Malay – back then.

The excuse which was given when this matter was raised was it is because we are living in a ‘survival’ era where being polite is no longer relevant.

The argument is definitely out of line considering that the city which was taken as the most polite city in the world is New York where everything is high-tech, fast and developed. Why would such city which is often linked with negative things possible are taken as the most polite city in the world?

What is more embarrassing for Malaysia is the fact that this country is taken as an exemplary Islamic nation. Islam had brought its people towards civilised living which include politeness, culture and obeying rules. But. All of those elements are never really practised by Malaysians, including Malaysian Muslims.

The issue with manners should not be related to politics. However, we cannot deny that in a situation where almost 80% of things that are happening in this country is linked with politics by its people, so politicians play vital roles in being examples to rakyat.

No one can deny that our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak has very good manner. Being born in a respected family, he is a very well-mannered man. All of his characters can be seen from his body language. The same thing goes to other Malaysian Prime Ministers and previous UMNO leaders. All of them had such great education background, good families and good manner. This can be seen from the way they talk where everything is in a calm manner.

Whether we realize this or not, since the ‘Reform’ era which was brought by Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysians then suddenly turned rude. Insults and mockery towards national leaders were made and spread widely through speeches. Anwar Ibrahim himself is famous for making his speech filled with anger and vengeance.

Then PAS widen this hate speeches by putting insults in their speeches.

DAP who has always been rude, well, you know how it goes.

Since then, series of demonstrations which ended up with destruction of public properties began to erupt. Authorities were questioned, national leaders were questioned, there were no sense of respect at all.

Finally, being rude then got naturally absorbed as a culture. Stomping on pictures, insulting their own flag and showing their butts in public has been part of a culture which was started by the opposition. Rakyat were told by them, to be more ‘expressive’ but the only thing that are ‘expressed’ are rage, hate and vengeance that are simply illogical due to things and lies that the opposition has been telling them.

The conclusion is, Pakatan Rakyat is responsible for triggering, spreading this rude culture among Malaysians.

If Malaysians want to redeem the shame from the result of this Reader’s Digest magazine, PR should be brought down so that peace and harmony could be restored.