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POLITIKPR Launches Jihad Defending Ammar And Sin Yee

PR Launches Jihad Defending Ammar And Sin Yee

With the arrest of their rude icons, Ammar and Sin Yee, PR is said to be planning the a strategy to defend both of them as their next political capital.

At the same time, parents of Ammar who responded quickly by handing their child to the police had apologised to the Prime Minister and Malaysians over their child’s rude behaviour. They are even working on the effort to meet the Prime Minister to officially apologise on the matter.

Sin Yee however, uses the political arena to apologised where she did it through DAP by holding a press conference in Chinese, which was then translated. There were no direct apology to the Prime Minister, only public apology to rakyat. That is, if the translation is correct.

Unlike Ammar, Sin Yee’s side did not show any interest of meeting the Prime Minister and officially apologise.

Instead, by asking the help from DAP, the party swiftly used the picture of Sin Yee being handcuffed as the issue to divert people’s attention. Thus, making people forget about the real issue, being rude towards the country’s leader.

But, due to the fact that Sin Yee was not alone in that, DAP is worried if their racist attitude would look too obvious if they only defend Sin Yee. Thus, whether they like it or not, PR would have to look like they are defending all of those who were involved. The result, both Ammar and Sin Yee had to be defended by PR.

For that, both of them cannot be described as guilty, but they need to be seen as heroes. To fulfil the objective, PAS would have to launch jihad to defend both these people on the name of justice in Islam.

The argument used by PR is that they are both still young and their actions were too small where they only flashed and stepped on pictures. That is why, they should not have been treated as criminals when they were arrested. That action had led them to divert the real issue and desribed that the government is inhumane, inconsiderate and that it stops them from voicing out.

Besides that, DAP would also use racial approach to increase the anger among Chinese towards the government. A few issues would be raised to describe different treatments given by the police to Malays and Chinese who were arrested, in other words, Ammar and Sin Yee.

That is the jihad strategy for Ammar and Sin Yee and they would launch it as soon as possible.

It seems like for the sake of power, PR, including PAS would even launch jihad to defend the action of flashing one’s butt in public. Because of power, PAS would even go the great length of defending a Chinese kid who is rude to a Muslim leader. The worst part is, she did not even showed any honesty when she apologised. Not just that she made the apology in Chinese where the Prime Minister could not really understand the language, things are worse on the fact that a Malaysian could not even admit loyalty to the country for not being able to speak the national language even when it comes to making apologies.

This is the product of DAP and that is the product which PAS and PKR are helping to develop.

It seems that PR’s jihad now is to defend kafir.



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