Friday - August 6, 2021 @ 05:38


Teng Chang KimThere you are…it is very plain and simple…the Pakatan Rakyat has failed to reform the institution of legislature in their respective states.

This simply means none of PR leaders right now are capable of leading nor administering a state – in short they are dumb dumbs – they only know politics and of course talks.

This is not allegations by BN or others but by the speaker who are PR man – Teng Chang Kim – the State Assembly Speaker for Selangor.

He is a respectable man and he has no malice – he speaks the truth – as his aim is to correct the wrongs in PR states…in fact too many wrongs than rights.

The public may not know whats going on about this legislature institution but the above average voters know the separation of powers and with the revelation, they now know that PR leaders are greedy for power and they will never want to reform the legislature institution.

Because doing so would mean their power is reduced and with such, they cannot manipulate nor cheat to put up a beautiful front for the general public to see…although going by numbers and results they are way behind in development and economic activities.

So the weaknesses and stupidities are revealed and the voters can judge by themselves, no need for BN to shout out loud that PR leaders are not good and not capable.

No need for BN to campaign around the country telling voters because a professional and honest PR leader by the name of Teng Chang Kim revealed these matters publicly.

Do not ask his intention but just take his words for it…he is trustworthy and he has done his job as the assembly speaker professionally.

The fact that he revealed is sufficient for Malaysians to know what are PR leaders made of…and how much they know on how to run a state government what more if it is a federal government.

With the knowledge and truth revealed, it is easy for Malaysians to vote come general election as they know how to distinguish between the real leaders and the make-believe leaders.

Voters now understand fully the make-believe leaders who continue creating issues and throwing allegations just to cover their weaknesses and incapabilities.

Now that these are all in the open, the PR leaders would surely come out all kinds of excuses, which obviously by now would no longer attract or influence voters.



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