PR Leaders Clashed On Flag Issue

It is not hard for us to expect that GE13 would not just be the most intense political game which would be faced by the opposition coalition under PR.

Added with their strategy error and controversy which they brought upon themselves, it is not impossible that this coming GE would be the end of most PR leaders.

As many are still questioning about the issue on Mat Sabu who complimented Mat Indera Komunis last year, this year the opposition made yet another controversy by challenging the country.

As rakyat are still aware of the insult made by DAP when they insulted the Jalur Gemilang and they gave more respect towards their DAP flag, now rakyat’s rage is added with them waving the sang saka Malaya flag during the eve of our 55th Independence Day celebration.

Wasn’t it clear that they are unpatriotic and it seemed like the whole thing was planned to challenge the history of our national Independence?

When this issue began to be questioned by rakyat, PR leaders began to bit their tongue to avoid themselves from being involved to such unpatriotic move.

Shamsul Iskandar, Chief of AMK PKR in a statement mentioned that the flag had nothing to do with AMK nor PKR, when everyone knows that the sang saka Malaya flag was designed by Najwan Halimi who is now the Deputy Information Chief for PKR.

While PAS Comittee member, Idris Ahmad who denied PR’s move for wanting to change the Jalur Gemilang, did not dare to threaten supporters who were involved in the rally.

Both PKR and PAS both do not want to take responsibility for their actions even though the idea came from their own people.

Now they are still pointing fingers and do not want to admit that they are putting politics in front of everything even the nation’s Independence.