First four…then one common… next probably back to four or three. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders just cannot get together on anything and everything.

The Merdeka Day theme has been thoroughly thought of and decided upon but PR leaders wanted their own as they claimed the theme is too Barisan Nasional (BN). What do expect? BN ruling party to create a Merdeka Day theme based on oppositions’ objective?

So they (PR leaders) got together and suddenly came out with four themes…each state one theme…viola! A spate of masterpieces…not just one masterpiece…that’s wisdom they called it.

Point here is if they cannot get together on a Merdeka Day theme, one wonders how they can get together to run the country, to chart policies and future of the population?

Why such things occur with PR leaders? Reason is that all have big ideas and all have big egos…none wants to admit each one has lesser brain than the other.

That’s how they run the state and that’s why the states under them are in a lot of problem in every aspect…pity the voters who had voted them in with high hopes.

They just cannot arrive on a consensus on anything because all the three parties have their own goal, their own agenda, their own objective and most importantly as of at present they want to show to voters which of them is more dominant.

Always trying to show off even if what they have are all talks devoid of intelligent contents, they do not care, they feel the voters are with them all the way.

Selangor for example is in a bad shape if not politicallyit is economically as Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim toys with the projects like toying with new games, trying out corporate strategy on political matters and taking the voters as ‘testing materials’.

Thinking the voters are gullible, Khalid quietly made deals with Talam Corporation to the extend the state now owes Talam instead of the other way round.

And he still thinks he has made the right decision and is defending the decision like hell but until today he still has yet to come out with the White paper he promised.

Unisel – University Industri Selangor – is another case which Khalid sleeps on hoping the problem will go away just like his bad dream in his sleep.

He is trying not to fall while walking on a tightrope as he tries his best to balance his decision so as not to hurt DAP. The party that can give him hope to continue being the MB, not to harm PAS, the party that balance the Malay support for him and the Chinese and Indians in PKR, the party which he is the supreme council member.

So Khalid toys with his new toy – the State of Selangor – while down the road the future of the state’s population go down the drain, the way Khalid and his party going.

And all the while, dreaming that the voters are still with him, angry at BN for purportedly not championing their cause all this while.