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BERITAENGLISHPR Seat War Is Getting Worse

PR Seat War Is Getting Worse

poster-rebut -kerusiIt seems like the closer the election comes, as the excitement of campaigning gets intense, Pakatan Rakyat seemed more confused. Almost all states and constituencies will witness seating war, dissatisfaction and rage.

In Kedah, DAP was ignored by PAS. In Perlis, PKR was conned by PAS. In Johor, DAP was pushed aside by DAP itself, as well as PKR. In Selangor and Pahang, PKR are arguing among one another. In Perak, we saw the fight between DAP-PKR, DAP-PAS, PKR-PAS. As for Negeri Sembilan, there is three-way fight in a few constituencies.

What is happening only proves that Pakatan Rakyat do not have any clear leadership hierarchy nor sincere friendship. They do not even have any sense of respect towards one another.

Perhaps because of their habit in insulting and not favoring anyone else, this habit is hitting themselves.

That is why we saw how Anwar was ‘boo-ed’ by his own supporters. Lim Kit Siang’s candidate was mocked by his own supporters which lead to resignation.

Perhaps PAS supporters still do respect their leaders, but they clearly do not respect PKR and DAP leaders because DAP and PKR never respect their leaders.

In situation where there is no order in power in their coalition, how can PR be so convinced that they could rule the country? Just imagine, this is only about candidates and seats, not about principal, objective or economy.

We are certain, if PR wins, issues such as hudud, Kalimah Allah, apostate, alcohol and gambling will be raised again because there issues, are never resolved. By then, what would happen to our country?

Perhaps DAP is convinced that they can control the situation because PAS has always choose to surrender, but how can PAS guarantee that the party would not take the same approach if they do get in power? Because, recently, PAS has been trying to be dominant by ensuring that the party will contest with most seats.

Perhaps, DAP do not really care about how many seats PAS is taking because even then PAS contested more seats than DAP, but they still could not win more than DAP.

However, this is not the sign that DAP should matters lightly when it comes to PAS supporters which are always emotional and irrational as they really believe that their fight to form an Islamic State is considered jihad. Remember, they have proven that they will accept just about any ‘fatwa’ made by their leaders.

Just look at how they considered DAP as kafir harbi, but once they cooperate with Lim Kit Siang, DAP somehow became even more Islamic than UMNO. Or just look at how they describe laws of Malaysia as kafir, but after they shook hands with Karpal Singh, automatically, the same laws became ‘Islamic’. And look at how they were willing to take the risk over their future, safety and lives, including their family members when they dragged them to demonstrations just because their Ulama said that demonstrations are jihad.

Thus, it is not wise for us to think that this seating war in PR as something light. This is an early sign about how the country’s Parliament will be like if their party are to rule. We should never put aside the possibility that there might be a war between religion under the leadership of PR.

I intentionally did not touch on PKR’s status in PR’s ruling crisis, because as for now, PKR is no longer relevant. This is because no one really listen to anything Anwar says anymore. It even came to the point where as Anwar announced that he wife, the President of PKR, Wan Azizah will not be contesting in GE13, was criticized by his own child.

This is what happens when Opposition Leader, President as well as Vice President are family members, despite of their relationship, they still do not respect one another.

The hard fact which PR supporters have to accept is that, Anwar is not the future Prime Minister because PAS will ensure that it will never happen. PAS knew that if Anwar could not even resist his own temptations, how can he control the party and country? If DAP and PKR still favor Anwar, then we might be able to see a war within PR government.

It is impossible for PR to rule the country without a clear leader and clear arrangement of the administration. PR should have settled this basic matter first, instead of killing one another as election comes.



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