PR Still Approve The Decision To Allow Kalimah Allah In Bible

Al Kitab
Al Kitab

PKR’s Vice President, Mohamed Azmin Ali today stressed that Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) policy regarding the kalimah Allah issue which was solved back in January 4, 2010 is still the same until now despite of the situation where PAS Syura Council decided otherwise on January 8, 2013.

It seems like it is now turn for Syura Council to respond. That is, if they have the guts to defend Allah’s name from being trampled by the Christians and Pluralists.

Applying kalimah Allah for other religion would bring to two big issues, confusion among Muslims which could lead to apostasy, and syirik. Both of the issues can be considered as a huge catastrophe towards Muslims.

That is why, it is not too much to urge any Muslim who are not disturbed by this, to reflect themselves whether they have been good Muslims or otherwise.

The stand took by Pakatan Rakyat like what was announced by Azmin would be as the following:

1. It is proven that PAS Syura Council do not have any place in Pakatan Rakyat.

2. It is confirmed thast PKR practices plural understanding.

3. The Christians deliberately challenges Islam.

4. Pakatan Rakyat’s highest power is DAP.

PR’s excuse saying that Syura Council’s decision only applies to PAS members is seen as an insult towards all Muslim because it is simply irrelevant.

This is because the ones who wants to use kalimah Allah in the Bible are not PAS members, it’s the Christians, which is being fought by DAP. Thus, why would the decision apply to PAS members?

It seems like the nightmare is upon us where as PAS works hard to get to Putrajaya, everything starts to crumble. When PAS proudly announce that they are Islam, their statements and actions automatically reflects Islam. That is why their actions of making a lot of U-turns and giving up on things, only show their weakness, and that is seen as part of Islam’s weakness.

From there, can’t we all see that the person who is seen as a Grand Ulama, Mursyid, Tok Guru, Tuan Guru, who seems very respectful, does not even mean a thing in the eyes of kafir?

It is not too late for Muslims to rise up. However, this is only possible if all Muslims stand united. Even though we are in a country led by an Islamic government, do the strength of the government still depend on Muslims that are behind it. It would hard for an Islamic government to defend Islam without getting any support from Muslims.

Please stop lying to yourselves with hudud or Islamic state just to reject those Muslim leaders. Stop letting our mind from being polluted with those evil Ulama.

May Allah save us all from all of the bad things out there. Amin.