PR Unable To Get Putrajaya Because Of Hudud – Karpal Singh

Numbers of DAP leaders made statements against PAS regarding hudud. They seemed to be tired of PAS twist and turns on this issue.

When the fact is, the pact between PAS-DAP-PKR, PAS had agreed that they would put aside the fight for Islamic nation and hudud. But, as GE comes closer, a PAS leader came back and began to fight for hudud and Islamic nation. Perhaps realizing that Malay support for PAS is beginning to decline especially after a tough episode with Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali.

Recently, PAS was criticized for not fighting for Islam for working alongside DAP. This party is described as slaves, followers and puppets for the Chinese chauvinist party. And PAS had a hundred percent in avoiding such call as they kept on following every word said by DAP, even for critical Islamic issue, even the murtad issue.

With the GE coming closer, PAS seems to be in a dead end to restore their image. And added with the a few artists who are not that smart filling up the party, society is beginning to have their doubt with how ‘Islam’ PAS is.

Thus, whether they get it or not, PAS had to use the hudud issue as promotional tool and campaign to gain votes from Malays.

This had raged DAP.

Karpal Singh then swiftly made statement saying that PAS’s attempt to implement hudud is a bad reflection as PAS Leader did mention that they would scrape Islamic nation and they would begin to build Welfare nation.

Karpal also reminded PAS that there is no hudud in Buku Jingga.

The same statement was repeated by Lim Guan Eng who got panicked when asked about this issue and he pointed his finger to UMNO for wanting to implement hudud.

PAs would not be able to increase their votes by playing this issue. Hudud is not the only issue that could bring PAS nor PR to Putrajaya or even anyone to Putrajaya. PAS would not even want to implement hudud.

If there are still those who support PAS, it is not because of hudud, but because they have fallen to the thought that PAS fights for Islam. They would still support PAS even if the party ignores hudud and Islamic nation.

With PAS’s inconsistency, DAP’s rejection and PKR’s ignorance, this shows how mixed up PR really is. The louder PAs promotes hudud, the stronger DAP rejects it, if that is the case, Putrajaya is just a dream.