Friday - August 6, 2021 @ 05:17


Pakatan Rakyat has issued a challenge to MCA’s Chua Tee Yong to a debate on Talam issue with Tony Pua, Dzulkefly Ahmad, William Leong and Faekah Husin as their representatives.

This follows the KPMG Transaction & Restructuring Sdn Bhd (KPMG) report which found that the state had made a “sound commercial decision”.

The full report along with a white paper on the matter will be tabled at the November state assembly sitting.

However, Chan Siew Mei, executive director of KPMG’s advisory unit, said the scope of the audit was “strictly to check on transactions and supporting documents”.

“It was not to see if allegations (against the state) were true or not,” she said.

MCA had previously alleged that the state had “bailed out” ailing Talam, in a scandal involving up to RM1 billion.

In short the report did not touch on the allegations made by MCA that the Selangor government had actually lost out several millions ringgit.

What PR and MB Khalid are doing is to psycho MCA’s Chua and the Malaysian public at large that the state’s decision was right but not in any sense clear its figure in ringgit and sen.

Khalid has been defending his decision despite facts and figures put up by Chua stated the state government had actually lost out in the deal of several million ringgit.

As usual, the white paper has yet to be put up, PR is taking the defense strategy by going to the public on what they had done and deflect the core matters by covering it with the beautiful report from KPMG.

And of course, in the course of the forum, they would divert to other subject matters where the audience and public would put their minds on and forget the core issue of the Talam scandal.

This has been their tactics like the new flag issue where their cyber troopers wrote in Malaysiakini – what is there in a flag – when flag symbolizes soveriengty and dignity of a nation.

They could not care less about such things as what had happened was planned and they got juvenile to do such acts as these juvenile will always be let off with a warning by the authorities.

Such are their acts as they are in dire straits and desperate to hold on to their influence given the erosion of influence is very real and the opposition leaders know it is happening fast.

The longer the general election is to be held, the more desperate they are as DAP and PAS are verbally fighting in the open now about Hudud laws and the Malays in PKR in Penang are getting restless with CM Lim Guan Eng’s dictatorial style.

In fact, some Chinese in Penang are now openly opposing Guan Eng as seen in the open protest held during the DAP open last week.

PR is just waiting for the time to break up as leaders of the three parties try hard to prevent any explosion.



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