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BERITANASIONALPrivate Jet: How Lavish Pakatan Rakyat Is...

Private Jet: How Lavish Pakatan Rakyat Is…

Gambar Anwar bersama Seng Giaw dalam sebuah jet persendirian

Not enough with fancy bus, Pakatan Rakyat is now showing their private jet to ‘get sloser’ to rakyat.

If back then PR would often argue that BN leaders like to live lavishly and waste, and showed that PR leaders are more humble and saves cost. But today, everything changes and this clearly shows that PR leaders are a lot more lavish than BN leaders.

BN leaders would be given budget with facilities provided by the government, and they would not use their own personal fund. Even the Prime Minister could not go that length.

Actually, the lavish style of living among PR leaders, especially Anwar Ibrahim is no longer a secret. Looking at his visits at foreign countries, it is not wrong for us to say that he might be be even richer than the a Leader of a Country.

It was told that the jet was rented from a company from America which was used by Anwar ro visit Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. Alongside him include Tian Chua and a few other PR leaders.

It seems like Anwar really want to live the life on how he think he should live. Obviously, his visit to those three states were that important to him that the cost to get there do not really matter to him.

With their lavishness, Anwar and PR’s charge on Datin Seri Rosmah’s spendings which is said to be lavish, is no longer relevant.

Now, PR no longer gas the credibility to create issue on the price of handbag nor the ring which belongs to the Prime Minister’s wife.

If this kind of lifestyle keeps going on, if PR is given the mandate, this country might not be able to cover the cost of their living expenses which is probably as much as the biggest ruler in the world. How could they live their lavish life if they are to fulfil their promises such as getting rid of tolls, PTPTN, fuel royalties and others.

Obviously, that would have been solved through recovering the cost by putting taxes to consumers a.k.a. rakyat. That would then make the rich gets richer and those who suffer would be rakyat.



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