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BERITAPromises Kept, Obama Copied @NajibRazak

Promises Kept, Obama Copied @NajibRazak

Imagine how would it be if President Barack Obama had used the slogan Promises Kept (Janji Ditepati) first, then used by Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. The opposition might have gone all out in criticizing PM.

The slogan “Promises Kept” which is now part of the tagline for the President of America had proven that the concept which was applied by BN government, led by Dato’ Seri Najib is not only limited to Malaysia alone, it should also be applied to other countries.

Obama was probably fascinated over the Janji Ditepati concept and that is why it is now used for his campaign, whether it was just a coincidence, we cannot really figure that out just yet.

What is certain, either Janji Ditepati, applied by Najib, or Promises Kept which if fought by Obama, both of them had spread the same messages for both the countries, even though there are differences between these two countries.

One fact which has been set since the dawn of time, Islam taught its people to always keep their promises.

So, it is quite confusing on why would Muslims in this country especially those from PAS and PKR work really hard to put a stop in the Janji Ditepati campaign.

When even a Christian like Obama himself knew how much value it brings. Don’t those people feel embarrassed that they kept on mocking Janji Ditepati?

Or is it because they are anxious because they never really keep their promises, they kept on lying to rakyat and that they like to break all the responsibilities that are given to them?

Perhaps that is why PAS and PKR really rejected the usage of Janji Ditepati for the 55th Independence day celebration and they are more comfortable to use their own slogan, ‘One Race, One Soul and One Nation’ (Sebangsa, Sejiwa dan Senegara).



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