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BERITANASIONALPR's Budget Ignored Islam

PR’s Budget Ignored Islam

The recent Budget presentation as well as the Audit Report yesterday has been receiving positive responses from every side. In a way, this can be seen as increasing rakyat’s confidence towards Barisan Nasional.

It has now been proven that Barisan Nasional is not a party which only talks because it is clear that every promises have been fulfilled and every programs have been implemented like how it was planned.

All of these can be proven through the performance value and the financial state of the federal government.

Barisan Nasional also did not become hypocrite such as using beautiful slogans, trying to picture that the party is clean from any sins. Barisan Nasional also has never described itself as a party which has the magic to control market prices within a blink of an eye.

The Budget which was presented by BN was budget that is based on reality and based on the party’s capacity and the state of the global economy like what was proven through the Audit Report.

Even though BN is not tied with the description of being pure like Pakatan Rakyat, Budget that was presented by BN would still consider all of religion’s teachings in planning the development of this country.

PR previously criticized BN for putting aside Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR) in this current Budget. PR’s hypocrisy is simply sickening especially fi we are to look at the party in issues such as murtad, including the usage of the word Allah SWR by non-Muslims and Bibles in Bahasa Melayu which they support.

If the matter of akidah is small to them, what qualifies PR to question other matters regarding Islam to other people?

Muslims also need to understand that knowledge in Islam does not revolve around the religion alone. It was even stressed in the Quran that the task of mankind is to look out for knowledge in various aspect of life such as science, astronomy, mathematics etc. That is why it is right for the government to combine all subjects in education including religious studies in the national budget.

Meanwhile, religious development in the other hand should not only revolve around ibadah such as zakat or haj, but it should be as a whole such as combating poverty which could lead people to become ‘kufur’ among Muslims, in terms of social and crime which is rising.

Despite that, BN’s Budget still ensures that all ibadah matters are included in the budget, they include:

1. Yayasan Wakaf Malaysia, under Jabatan Wakaf Zakat dan Haji which is responsible in drafting the master plan for Corporate Wakaf by taking into account the legal structure of Islamic states.

2. SME Bank with cooperation with Bank Pembangunan Islam will provide Halal Industry Fund worth RM200 million to cover the cost of PKS’s working capital.

3. Future haj pilgrims who contribute with EPF, can now be allowed to withdraw their savings to cover the cost of their pilgrimage up to the maximum RM3,000.

But, these things do not have to be ‘preched’ as much because it has been part of BN’s principals which highly respects the constitution which puts Islam as the official religion.

The question here is regarding PR’s Budget and their critic towards BN which is not consistent with the image which they are bringing. Perhaps PR supporters had missed the fact that PR did not even mention anything about Islamic development in their Alternative Budget?

This is not surprising because PR has never mentioned their intention to defend Islam if they are to rule. Instead, they simply made the statement to unite or be fair to all race and religion.

That is why PR do not dare to put any Islamic clause in their Budget. Development of mosques, Islamic education not fund for Islamic development never really became any of their focus.

Thus, their negative comment towards BN was simply a joke if it is not sickening. Especially when PR, which is known to be the backbone for SUARAM and BERSIH which becomes the agents in spreading liberal understanding. There is no way that PR would include Islamic development in their budget even if they are receiving funds from Jewish branches who are from radical liberalists.



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