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The spat between PKR and DAP in Penang has now worsen with the state PKR information chief Johari Kassim calling for suspension of those who attended the meeting which minutes were leaked, revealing the dissatisfaction of Mansor Othman towards Lim Guan Eng.

The minutes also revealed Guan Eng’s wish to have Chinese contesting PKR state seats instead of who PKR leadership feels can win the seats, giving the assumption that PKR plays second-fiddle to Guan Eng in Penang, not equal level.

While the Malays in PKR should start thinking what are they in for, Mansor himself, if he has any feeling about his own dignity and possessing a ‘Malay heart’, should take a bold step by just quitting the party and stand on his own.

This action will bring him back his self dignity and the bad perception by the Malays at large after he appeared at a press conference flanked by Guan Eng who sat there without saying a word to make sure that Mansor ‘eat the words that were written in the minutes.’

And Mansor, like the slave he is now, did just that to please Guan Eng but he has no idea that in reality Guan Eng does not trust him anymore after what had happened.

Putting Mansor to shame and ‘strip him of his dignity’ is Guan Eng’s aim in wanting to stay dominant in Penang and positioning DAP above the rest of the PR parties.

Succeeded in his game, now Penang PKR is facing problem from within Johari Kassim calling on the party leadership to suspend those who attended the meeting to find out who leaked the minutes.

Those who attended the meeting were state deputy chief and Batu Kawan division chief Law Choo Kiang; Bukit Bendera division deputy chief Felix Ooi; Bayan Baru deputy chairman Tan Seng Keat; 2004 candidate for Bayan Baru parliament seat Raymond Ong; Tanjung Youth chief Ng Chek Siang; Batu Uban branch chief Cheah Peng Guan and Mansor’s assistant John Ooi.

So just think where actually Johari is getting at – some Chinese in PKR are selling information to DAP leaders – or in short Johari is saying ‘do not trust the Chinese in PKR.’

Will the PKR leadership listen to Johari or help Mansor in bringing back his dignity after being ripped naked?

The answer is of course no because PKR’s chief Anwar Ibrahim is only interested in becoming the Prime Minister and he cannot achieve his aim without the support of DAP and PAS.

So he could not care less what happens to his people so long as he receives the support to be the Prime Minister.

So it is better now for the Malays in Penang PKR to rethink their position and their struggles for the word reformasi is already lost in the ‘forests of politics’ and what is left now is their conscience – a Malay or a sell out.

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