Rafizi patut guna kepakaran beliau untuk menjawab isu yang menyusahkan rakyat ini.

Kalau hal lembu boleh jawab, isu sotong ? tentu boleh jawab juga.

A squid shortage? Just blame it on the weather

In the world of seafood, the humble squid is pretty low in the value chain.

It is not a commodity that comes to mind when you hear about people “hoarding” goods to create artificial demand.

However, the lowly seafood has been rumoured to be in short supply at local markets recently, but checks done at the Raja Bot Market (more commonly referred to as the Chow Kit market) last Friday showed that squid was abundantly available. On that day.

Fishmonger Khairul Osman, 35, said deliveries for squid have always been stable but in the last few days he had barely received 10 kilogrammes (kilos) of locally caught squid for his stall.

“Due to bad weather recently we did not receive local squid in the past few days. It is common for bad weather to affect fishermen’s catch.

“However, our daily delivery of squid returned to normal as of today,” he said.

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