Reason Behind Anwar’s 60 Delayed Trials Answered

Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abidin

Anwar’s sodomy trial against Saiful Bukhari ended with a surprise on January 9 this year, after more than 60 times or more than three years of being delayed since the day the police report regarding the matter was made.

As the case was in an ongoing process, many were asking on what are the dramas that Malaysian lawyers are playing? Why? Because if it is a normal sexual crime that involves regular people, the case should have been closed a long time ago. especially when they receive clear forensic evidence.

Many suspected that there is something wrong with the whole trial when the defence was seen to get more advantages to delay the case with various excuses, some of the excuses did not even make sense. Even the prosecutor did not object on any of those excuses. Instead, they let the defense mock the country’s law, playing with rakyat’s minds who want to know the truth.

Even though the arguments given by by the 2nd Solicitor General, Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden was strong, conslusive and should have gotten a standing ovation, his attitude in rebutting the defense in delaying the case has somehow surprised us.

And when Anwar’s lawyers chose to defend themselves with the point of ‘they both liked each other’, they had actually opened up the case to prosecutors where they could say that Malaysian law forbids homosexual conduct.

This is what rakyat were expecting, unless, if rakyat were not informed of the fact that this law has been abolished?

If the judge’s excuse was that the DNA that was received from the lockup cannot be used in trial, prosecutor should have worked to apply for a sample via court order to seek justice.

But all of that did not happen. There was no appeal as well. What happen after all of that was that Anwar broke free. His release had resulted to a few disappointments, even those from his own ‘inner-circle- who wishes to take over his place. The world seemed to came to a halt, trying to justify his release which was seen as impossible if we were go to through the development of the trial.

Finally, today, a part of our confusion was answered. It is because when Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, former prosecutor of the sodomy trial was recently appointed as Anwar’s defense lawyer in the case of BERSIH 3.0.

It is true that anything that involves Anwar Ibrahim, nothing could really surprise us. Including this matter.

If back then, Karpal Singh was one of the first who revealed that Anwar Ibrahim was a man that loves sodomy, only later Karpal Singh was also the man who became Anwar;s defense team. If back then he pushes that legal actions should be taken against Anwar, only later he mentioned that homosexual activities among two adults is not wrong.

Thus, there is no difference between Karpal and Datuk Mohd Yusof. Both were paid to defend Anwar, and we are certain that the pay would have been really generous. Even if there are differences, probably Karpal received more bonus in political gain.

It is true that there is nothing legally wrong for Datuk Mohd Yusof to defend Anwar. What is wrong would be the human ethics and society’s perception who may see him as a person that do not have a stand in anything.

But, looking at the attitude of the Bar Council that does not even have a bit of ethics, professionalism and integrity in them, just like Anwar, there is nothing shocking when we figure out the real identity of legal practitioners in Malaysia.

For most legal practitioners nowadays, the law is more important than justice, moral, ethics or even religion. And even if there is something that is bigger than law, it is money.

Whatever it is, just like the sodomy trial, Anwar would definitely win the case of BERSIH 3.0.

As long as he does not have the guts to swear, as long as he works alongside Zionists, as long as he does not have the guts to show his Omega watch and tries to bring this country to a chaos, his name would never be clean.

Even if he escapes from the law, history would always end his life as a sodomite and a traitor.