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The rift between Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president Azmin Ali has revealed the truth about the whole matter – Khalid should be replaced by Azmin.

And Azmin’s supporters have spoken out on the matter, loud and clear, not officially of course, but the call, made subtly is said to reflect the minds of the party leadership particularly de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Not that this news is new and shocking as Malaysians at large are quick to read the hidden motives of any political move by any politician but now, the motive is being mentioned and highlighted.

And to Khalid, this is nothing new or else he would not have taken actions that are seen as clipping Azmin’s influence, a move many see as the preliminary strategy for the party upcoming poll in May.

Of course, replacing Khalid will free PKR of internal dissatisfaction and problems because having a ‘yes’ man to the party in particular to party supremo Anwar, who probably wants to know all the goings on and decisions on anything and everything, is very much welcomed.

But the process of replacing Khalid is the most difficult given the situation where it involves all the parties in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) which are DAP and PAS and external factors but most important – acceptance of the Selangor Palace on the person to replace Khalid.

Sources said Anwar was angry with Khalid and obviously would love, if the opportunity was there, to replace Khalid immediately so that the party could move on to develop Selangor and other states, politically that is.

“Removing Khalid is easy – just get the party central executive committee to make a resolution – which is simple.

“Then present it to PAS and DAP and when all agreed, present it to the Sultan.

“The problem here is first will Selangor PAS and DAP agree to the proposal? Given that Selangor PAS and DAP have been working very well with Khalid, the latter who have been satisfying both the parties in filling up their leaders in various positions in the state GLCs and others.

“Second, if assuming both PAS and DAP agree to remove Khalid, will both parties agree to have Azmin as MB?

“It is common knowledge that Azmin is not accepted very by both parties as they have not very much taken Azmin as an administrator, only as politician.

“Then assuming they still agree because of Anwar, who will present the recommendation to the Palace?

“The Sultan, as it is at present, seen and proven, trusts Khalid more than anyone else from any of the opposition party.

“So would the Sultan consent to the change,” said a party insider.

He said the Selangor situation was a matter that was sensitive and that Anwar knew nothing much could be done given that Khalid had the trust of the Palace and leaders of both parties in PR – PAS and DAP.

In short, Khalid had played his card right to PAS, DAP and the Palace and “that is why he continues to be cool in this situation despite the anger of party de facto chief,” said the source.

One thing for sure, the source said if Khalid decides to jump to PAS, PKR will be left with nothing in Selangor.



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