Saturday - July 24, 2021 @ 22:51


PR Manifesto (2-1)The opposition pact has come out with its manifesto that promises the stars and the moon…yes…again, just like the pact did in 2008 general election and no even one has yet to be fulfilled.

This time the manifesto is more refined and detailed that can obviously attract those who do not know basic economy or basic calculation on salary versus cost of living.

And of course, this can attract those who forgot the opposition pact has yet to fulfill any of their pledges that attracted them to vote for the pact in 2008.

So BEWARE of the repeat of the make-believe stories, with new actors and presentation but same story lines and same directors.

So what is new in the manifesto? Even pledges of free water for Selangor’s poor are not fulfilled, what more about allowances for single mothers, students and so on.

This time, they came out with attractive offers like reduce prices of cars, higher ceiling for taxable income, drop in fuel prices, electricity tariffs and many more.

Beautiful and attractive…like a well-designed package that looks beautiful on the outside, attractive to look at and beautiful to be exhibited in a nice glass show case.

But do not open and see the content inside…it is full of ‘bullshits’ and smells bad, very bad that last for years, like the ones now experienced by voters duped by the 2008 manifesto.

The point here is that what the opposition pact is offering is similar to the ones in 2008 except laced with some improvements and beautified, presented by young enterprising and ambitious men with of course, strings of degrees to lend credit.

Pushed up to be the main actors and attraction of the ‘repeat movies’, the opposition pact continues to ‘cloud and cheat’ the voters, this time the target is the 3 million plus young voters who are said to be on the fence, first time voting.

Looking at the manifesto unveiled, it cannot be denied the pact aims for this group of voters and the ones above that already know who are the people in the pact, what are the lies and cheats they have done and how they manipulate with words.

But then again the young voters are also wise and mature in political sense as they know who cheat and lies and who delivers and who does not.

Young voters are not easily swayed by ‘repeats or replays’ because they seek new adventure, they memorized and understand the play and story lines and they know what comes next.

Not fools to be taken lightly, young voters wanted to be treated as equals to the existing voters and they do not like to be taken for granted as they know they are the future leaders, if not the future citizens that can contribute tremendously to the future growth of a nation.



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