‘Republic Of Malaysia’ Agenda Is Getting Clearer #pakdin.my

Many were raged with Pakatan Rakyat supporters who ruined the Independence day by mocking and insulting the celebration. During the ‘Janji Demokrasi’ rally which was held in the eve of Independence, PR supporters began to put aside their Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag) and replaced it with another flag which looks almost like the Indonesian and Singapore’s flag. There were also brochures which were distributed to ask rakyat to change our Jalur Gemilang to the new flag.

It is clear that they can no longer hide their main goal. However, after being mocked, PR leaders had to deny the fact that they did have the intention to replace Jalur Gemilang.

But, their denial does not bring any meaning. Instead, their move clearly showed that they no longer have any patriotism for this country.

PR, especially PKR and DAP do share a lot of inspiration especially to abolish the country’s royal constitution or to form the Republic of Malaysia. PAS, however, is just the confused one who would only follow what the other two just so that they could form an Islamic nation.

To those who are familiar with the world of politic, they are aware that Anwar really wants to change Malaysia to a Republic. This matter has been revealed by Ummi Hafilda during a few of her speeches and press conferences. Besides that, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who was then paid by Anwar to wrote, before taking a U-turn to smash Anwar, did criticize the Royals, one of the methods used by Anwar to ask rakyat to question the matter.

DAP’s rejection towards the Royal Constitution is not something new. DAP which has always been anti-Malay, Islam have always hated the constitution because it is the defense system for Malay and Islam. DAP did use PKR and PAS for a few times to question Sultans when it comes to issues which involves Islam.

The peak of it would be during the celebration of Independence Day in Selangor, PR decided to ignore the Sultan of Selangor.

That is yet another clear evidence that PR really want to turn this country to a Republic.

Suggesting the change of flag shows that their agenda has been running for quite a while.

If we are to browse through their efforts, we could find that they began to create portals, books and brochures with the objective of changing the history of this country, especially about the Independence. Their objective is to question the roles played by UMNO/Malay fighters and acknowledged roles played by the communists in fighting for Independence. For that, they insulted Malay, Chinese and Indian soldiers and civilians who were killed by communists.

It is not that hard for us to understand why PR, especially DAP defends communists. It is because they cannot accept the fact that their communist forefathers are murderers. Instead, they want to change the history to put those communists as heroes instead of brutal killers.

Not just that, they are also trying their best to wipe off other things such as the May 13 tragedy.

Where do they learn all this? PAP Singapore of course. We are aware that Singapore had wiped off their nation’s history before Sir Stamford Raffles came to the country. Technically, Singapore’s history was re-written as if it is nobody’s island, never found or resided by anyone before Raffles.

The stories of how Temasek, Singapore’s old name, became the most vital port since the 14th century was closed, perhaps to wipe off the names of the original races which were there such as Sang Nila Utama, Parameswara or Iskandar Shah, the last King of Temasek/ It is important for PAP to get rid of those names and Malay civilization so that they would have the ‘base’ and reason to ‘colonize’ and ‘liberate’ Malays.

Thus, the ‘new’ Malaysian flag made by PR is not a small issue, it is a huge agenda which could jeopardize this country.