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(Bayang apa akan jadi kalau gereja-gereja di Malaysia dinamakan "Rumah ALLAH"! Belum letak pun ada Melayu bangang yang sanggup cari makan kat gereja!)

PAS and DAP are head-on now on the using the word ‘ALLAH’ issue as DAP harps on it to gain the Christian votes while PAS stand firm on its fundamentals that the word ‘ALLAH’ is sacred to Muslims.

The difference in this issue is threatening the political relationship between the two parties that may see each going their own way come the general election.

PAS is now hardening its stand as the party sees the racial and religious divide in the multi-racial Malaysia has taken a new twist as political parties – of course the opposition DAP – is playing to the gallery.

For PAS, despite having its own setbacks, particularly the edict issued by president Abdul Hadi Awang, the party still maintains its support among Malay grassroots who are either fundamentalists or leftists in religious views.

DAP is not banking on PKR to lend support knowing very well the multi-racial party is heading nowhere as its support among the Malays declined very much and its Chinese supporters are either running to DAP itself or MCA while the Indians are seeking ‘greener pastures’.

Left with few Malays, Indians and Chinese who are leaders or generals without soldiers, and headed by Anwar Ibrahim whose ambition to become Prime Minister knows no limits or boundaries, DAP seems to have lost trust there.

Given the fact that PKR Malays in Penang especially do not trust Lim Guan Eng as reflected by PKR state chief who is also Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mansor Othman, DAP has to act fast to prevent the erosion of support and replacing the loses through other means.

Like a business plan, DAP is now playing the religion card, using the word ‘ALLAH’ to attract Christians of different political ideologies to replace the lost support caused by PKR.

But in doing so, the party has caused a rift, a real religious rift that will affect the whole of oppositions’ chance of winning what more retaining whatever seats they are having at present.

The religious rift may also see Malays in DAP, a handful only, going to the establishment or PAS in the quiet of course, because the issue also affects their faith.

As PAS information chief said that Christians should not use it in the Alkitab, claiming that it does not reflect the actual meaning of “God” in the original text, adding that using the word “Allah” in the Alkitab will confuse both Christians and Muslims.

Of course, Anwar as usual flew in like a hero, calling for an urgent meeting of all opposition leaders to solve the issue.

Hopefully Anwar does not behave like the Malay proverb says ‘saperti tikus membaiki labu’, literally means like rats trying to fix pumpkin, which result in more damages.

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