Rohingya – KP1M Did Something, What Did PAS Do?

When we talk about the fate of Muslims all around the world, the ones who would be exited the most would obviously be none other than PAS. Not exited to provide help, but to blame the government for not helping those people as soon as possible.

So social sites such as Facebook would then be chaotic with PAS supporters questioning Malaysia as an Islamic nation and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as a Muslim leader for failing to help Muslims in Rohingya which is now being tormented in Myanmar.

When the fact is, these people know what it is not that easy to go and intervene other countries with excuses such as providing aid, unless we have mandates from international organizations such as the United Nation (UN), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) etc.

Although they are aware of that, the matter is still turned into an issue because making issues seem to be the only thing that feeds the opposition parties in Malaysia to survive. Other than saying that the Malaysian government is not good, it does not care for rakyat, as if they are that good.

In this matter, I would like to complement the good effort brought by Kelab Putera 1Malaysia (KP1M) under the leadership of Datuk Azeez Rahim which planned to launch a humanitarian mission to Rohingya in the near future – this is their second international mission. Their first was in Somalia last year.

Even though it is still in the planning stage, but KP1M’s credibility in certain matters cannot be questioned. They had proven that they are able to carry such mission in Somalia and it is not impossible for them to do the same thing this year? Besides, Myanmar is not as far from our country as Somalia.

Thus, with KP1M there, the updates on the tragedy suffered by Muslims in Rohingya can be spread and matters can then be solved by those who are responsible.

Let us all hope that this matter would not be turned into a political issue just like what happened with their mission in Somalia last year. Especially the fact that those who criticized barely contributed.

And let’s not forget that they also left their families just to join the mission.

This matter needed to be explained because the opposition (Pakatan Rakyat) prefers to politicize this issue because KP1M is an organization under UMNO. Even they could not really do anything to respond to these sort of international humanitarian issues even though they are in power at a few states. These people cared more about using rakyat money for the benefit of their own party members, for example, paying up legal fees worth almost half a million Ringgit with rakyat’s money.

When it comes to the fate of Muslim around the world such as Rohingya, all they can do is just shout to the government to help but they do not even care to do anything even though they often say that their members are the best, prepared ffor jihad, syahid etc.

Whatever it is, I will pray for the success of Datuk Azeez and his team’s mission. Perhaps as soon as the Prime Minister returns from OIC conference which would discuss the issue of Rohingya amongst other issues, KP1M would gain enough information and budget for the preparation of the whole entire mission.